Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


19. Chapter 19.


 ------- After dinner -------


 Harry's pov; 

 "Harrryyy!" Kali slurred her words yelling at me. 

 "Yes love?" 

 "Can we go home now.." 

 "We 're in the limo. On our way home." I say. She nodded. 

 "Damn. She's wasted!" Niall laughs. She was though. Kali had so much wine at dinner, I had to carry her to the car because she couldn't walk. 

 After about 10 mins we were finally back, and I carried Kali inside, when we got through the door she woke up. I set her down on the couch next to Zayn and Liam. 

 "Hey guysss! Wanna hear a um a-a joke?!" She yells. 

 "Sure." Liam laughs. 

 "Why did the whale cross the street?" 

 "Wait whales dont cross str-" Was all Zayn said before kali threw up everywhere. It got on the couch, floor, her dress, her shoes. 

 "Ewww. Harry you should take her to get cleaned up.." Louis said.

 "Yeah I probably should." I picked her up, and brought her to her room. I decided to take a shower with her. I know we aren't together but I know this would be okay, since we've known each other all our lives, and shes drunk! I know she won't mind. 

 "Okay Kali. Im going to take your dress off, and we're gonna take a shower ok?" I said looking at her.

 "ok harry." She yawned. I started to take her dress off, trying not to look at her body. 

 We got in the shower, and got out quick. She dressed herself and hopped into her bed. 

 "Good night harry." She pulled the covers up. 

 "Good night love." I kissed her on the forehead before leaving her room. 

 I went down stairs and everyone was passed out on the couch, so i decided to go to bed too. 



 ------- Next Morning -------

 kali's pov; 

 I woke up next morning with my head pounding. I went downstairs and only Liam and Louis were down there. Louis was laying down on the couch watching tv, and liam was making breakfast, well, at least trying to.. 

 "MORNING!" Louis shouts and hugs me from behind.

 "Morning lou, morning li!" I said. 

 "Goooooood morrrningggg!" Liam sings. 

 "Where Har- everyone else?" I stopped myself from saying harry, although im sure Louis and Liam caught on.. they both looked at each other and then looked at me.

 "They went to the pier." Liam answers. 

 "Oh, when will they be back?" I asked. 

 "Ummm few hours.." Louis says. And I nodded. "Sooo um kali.. do you wanna go somewhere later? Like grab lunch?" 

 "Yeah sounds fun. What about Liam??" 

 "Ashley is coming over today, and so we kinda want the house to our selves..." He says flipping the pancakes.

 "Ohhh! I getcha liam now." I smiled, and he smiled back. 

 "Guess what." Louis shouts

 "What?" I laughed. 

 "Simon called.."


 "We start recording our first album in 3 days!" Louis screamed.

 "Thats awesome!!" I hugged him and he hugged back. then... our eyes met. I think we both forgot liam was watching because we both leaned into a kiss. When we pulled apart we looked at each other and Liam coughed letting us know he was still there. 

 "Sorry..." Louis looked down.

 "Don't worry about it. Liam, you better not say a word." I crossed my arms and went to sit down on the couch. 

 ------- After Breakfast -------

 "KALI HURRY UP!" Louis screamed at me from downstairs. 

 "OK OK! IM COMING. CALM YO' TITS!" I screamed back, hearing laughter from probably liam. 

 "are you ready?" louis asks. 

 "Yes. lets go. bye liam have fun.... just not toooo much fun." I said raising my eye brows up and down making liam and louis laugh. Me and Louis both head out of the door to his car. We soon drive off. 

 "Do you have a auxillary cord?" 

 "What the hell is that?" Louis laughed. 

 "It's a cord where you plug your phone into and your music plays." I explained. 

 "I have blue tooth for that babe." he laughed.. again. 

 "Oh yeah sorry I forgot your rich." He just shook his head. I played 'What Makes You Beautiful' by of course.. One Direction, them. They recorded this when they were on the X-Factor. 

 We both sang on the top of our lungs, I sounded like a dying whale, but Louis sounded great of course. I loved hanging out with Louis, he was so fun.

 We finally got to the resturaunt in LA, I praying there weren't any paparazzi. 

 There were, but only a few. Some of the things they were saying were like; 

 'Did you steal Harry's girl?'

 'Does Harry know you guys are together?' 



 Harry's pov; 

 Me, Zayn and Niall went to the pier just to get some fresh air. I would of woken up kali, but I knew she would of had a major head ache. 

 There was this railing at the end of the pier and of course Niall acted like he was on the titanic, with his arms spread out looking dramatic. I tweeted a picture, and about 20 minutes later I check to see thousands of notifications from twitter. One caught my eye though...

@Ivegotthatonedirectioninfection: @Harry_Styles did you see the pictures of kali and Louis yet? OMG.

What? They're together right now?! I knew I shouldn't of left them together..

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