Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


18. Chapter 18.


 After Harry walked off, I decided it wasn't safe for me to go back. I laid down on a tanning chair and pulled my head phones out of my pocket and put them in my ears. It was 4:30 am, I was exhausted. I fell asleep on the chair listening to music. 

 Harry's pov; 

 Im so mad at kali and louis right now. When kali told me that I just wanted to punch louis hard, he was supposed to be my best friend. Instead he goes off kissing my girl? Even though she's not my "girlfriend" she's still mine. Everyone can see that, even her.. but obviously Louis couldn't see that. I walked off from kali and barged into the house. The guys were sitting on the couch watching tv. 

 "HOW COULD YOU KISS KALI?!?!" I screamed looking at Louis. 

 "Woah.. Harry calm down.." Zayn stood up walking towards me. 

 "ARE YOU GONNA ASNWER ME?" I shouted once more. 

 "It's not my fault you ruined your guy's relationship now is it? She obviously doesn't want to be with someone like you. So stop trying, she's over you. If she didn't want that kiss to happen she wouldn't of kissed me back." Louis said. That made me so angry so I punched him in the jaw. Liam and Zayn were holding me back as I was trying to punch more of Louis. Niall was making sure louis was okay, hell i hope he wasn't. He deserved that. 

  "Where's Kali?" Zayn asks. 

 "Probably still outside. I'LL go get her." I looked at Louis. I walked outside, walking towards where me and kali were before. She was laying the chair, she was sleeping. She was so cold, she was shivering all sorts. I picked her up, and her phone fell, I bent down carefully trying not to drop kail. her phone was lit up when I grabbed it. Her lock screen was a picture of me and her kissing from when we were dating. That made me smile. I carried her to the house and upstairs to her room. I placed her down underneath the sheets. I kissed her forehead and said "Sleep tight, I love you." I was just about to walk out of her room when she called my name. 

 "Harry." she said. 

 "Yes?" I walked over to her. 

 "Will you lay with me tonight?" She asked.

 "Of course." I smiled and got under the sheets and she got closer to me. I wrapped my arms around her and her head was in my chest. 

 "Good night." I whispered. 

 "Night. I love you." She sniffled. She said she loved me. I was so happy, I was smiling until I finally fell asleep. 



 I woke up to her calling my name. 

 "Harrrryyyyy. Wakkkeee up!" 

 "Im awake love." I said I didn't open my eyes. 

 "Then look at me.." 

 I opened my eyes and smiled. She smiled back. 

 "So. How'd you-" Was all I could say before she smashed her lips to mine. I kissed her back, she was sitting on my chest. 

 "You don't know how long i've been wanting that." She said as she broke the kiss. 

 "Me too love, me too." kali laid her head on my neck. Then Louis came in... 

 "KALI GET UP BREAK- oh.. hi harry. I wasn't expecting to see you here." 

 "Yeah.. I laid in here with kali last night." Louis nodded.

 "Are you guys back together..?" He asked. 

 "No.." Kali answered which I wasn't suprised by her answer. 

 "Oh. Well breakfast is ready." Then he left. 

 "Wanna go eat?" Kali got up from the bed. 

 "Yeah lets go." We both go down stairs to a wonderful smelling kitchen. 

 Kali's pov; 

 I know. I know. I just missed Harry so much.. I wanted to lay with him one more time. It felt so right.. to be with him. I mean like im gonna forgive him for cheating on me, Im not going to get back with him though. 

 We walk down stairs and it smells so good! Everyone else has gotten there food and are sitting down at the table chatting up a storm. Me and Harry get out selves a plate of Biscuits and Gravy. My favorite. Me and Harry sit next to each other, Niall is sitting on the other side of me and Harry is at the end. 

  "So. What do you guys wanna do today?" Liam asks.

 "Umm I would to love to tan a bit today." I say taking a bite of my food. 

 "So the beach it is!" Niall shouts. 

 We all laugh and finish up eating, when I was done I said I was going to get changed into my bathing suit and Harry went to do the same following behind me. I went into my room and I didn't realize Harry was behind me until my door slammed shut. 

 "harry! what are you doing in here?" I ask. 

 "Watching you get changed. Duhh.." He sits on my bed.

 "Fine.." I decided to mess with him a bit.. 

 I started to take my top off leaving my bra on. I took my shorts off laving my underwear on. I crawled on top of Harry and started to kiss him. I could feel he was getting hard, so I decided to stop. 

 "baaaabe! you cant look amazingly hot and start to kiss me making me hard and then stopping." harry made a sad face. 

 "I just did.." I laughed. "Now, get out Styles." 

 He got up and sighed. "It's not like I haven't seen you naked before." He winked before leaving my room. 

 I quickly changed and went downstairs. Everyone was already changed and just waiting for me. 

 "God damn, finally." Louis said. 

 "Shut up lou!" I slapped him playfully. and he just laughed.  

 "Well? Are we ready?" Zayn asked. 

 "Yup." Everyone said. Niall ran out of the house with his arms up screaming. Everyone just laughed and followed behind him. When we got off of the porch and onto the sand my feet were burning. Louis saw and asked if I wanted to get on his back so I said yes and he gave me a piggy back ride to the shore. I could see Harry getting annoyed but whatever.. 

 When we got to the water the guys wanted to chicken fight.. so I got on Harry's shoulder and Niall got on Liams shoulders and me and Niall were fighting. Soon I pushed Niall off and everyone started laughing. 

 "I was taking it easy on you. Because you're a girl!" Niall whined. 

 "Yeah right Ni.." I walked out of the water and to the towel I have laid out so I could a get tan. 

 I was laying for for almost 30 minutes when I realized Harry picked me up over his shoulder and went into the water and threw me in. 

 "HARRY! YOU ASS HOLE! IM GONNA GET YOU GET BACK!" I shouted while everyone was bending over laughing. I got out of the water and checked my phone it was 5:45 so I decided to head back to the house. I got changed and sat on the porch watching the guys chicken fight in the water. I heard Zayn's phone ring so I answered it. 

 "Hello?" I said. 

 "This is Simon.. where is Zayn?" Simon Cowell said. He was one of the judges from The X-Factor. 

 "It's Kali and he's at the beach with the rest of the guys, what's up?" I wonder why he was calling. 

 "Well.. I was calling the guy's to say that my company is offering them a record deal.." WOW. This is amazing!

 "Oh my god Simon! This is awesome! Let me go get them so you can tell them your self." I ran to the guys, still on the phone with Simon. 

  "Kali.. what's wrong?" Harry asks. I hold my finger up saying hold on. 

 "Okay Simon, tell them." They all look so confused. 

 "Hey boys, I was calling to say that I wanted to offer you guys a record deal." 

 The boys all look at each other and they were all so happy. They hugged each other forming this huddle thing. 

 "OF COURSE!" Liam shouts. 

 "Alright. It's settled. Call me tomorrow morning for more details." Simon said before hanging up. 

 "OH MY GOD GUYS CONGRATULATIONS!!" I shouted. Then they all attacked me in a group hug way. 

 "We should go out to dinner to celebrate!" Zayn suggests. 

 "Yeah we should!" I agreed. 

 "Well... lets go get ready then." Harry said. We all walked back, me and Harry were holding hands.. I don't know why but I couldn't help it.. 

 We all got changed and headed for this fancy resturaunt in LA. We all sat down and tried to ignore all the paparazzi through the glass window snapping pictures of us. 

 "Guys.. can I say something?" 

 "Of course." Liam says.

 "Well.. over the months all of us have grown so close to each other... I was there for you guys on The-X Factor and I know how hard you guys have worked to get here. And I wanted to say im so proud of you guys.." I said. 

  "AWWW!" All the boys shout, making everyone look over to us. 

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