Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


17. Chapter 17.



 Kali's pov; 

  I went into one of the rooms in the suit, I was just laying down, thinking..  thinking about everything. I wonder what Harry's doing right now, if he's thinking about me. Wondering where I am.. I still can't believe Harry cheated on me. I know he was drunk though... but should I let him think that's okay? For him to go out drinking and then kissing some other girl? I don't think so, I think breaking up with him was a good move. I don't know. Then everything with Louis... when we first met I liked him and I thought he liked me back. He didn't he was playing around with me, pretending to like me. He said sorry and I forgave him... but now I think i'm starting to like him. He left all his friends for me... 

 Soon after drowning in my thoughts I finally fell asleep. 



 "Kali?" I heard louis voice. I woke up and opened my eyes and looked around. 


 "It's time to get up! Our flight leaves in 2 hours." He walked out of my room. I quickly shot up, and went to go get ready when I realized I didn't have any clothes...

 "Louis? I don't have any clothes..." I walked out of my room and into the kitchen where louis was. 

 "Do you wanna stop by your house to get some?" He asked pouring himself a glass of orange juice. 

 "Yes please, when can we leave?"

 "Is right now okay?" 

 "Yeah. Lets go." I walked out of the kitchen with Louis following behind me. We checked out of the hotel and headed to his car. Suprisingly there weren't any paparazzi. 

 When we got to my house my mom wasn't home thank god.. I did not want her asking me so many questions. I grabbed a suit case and filled it with clothes along with my straightener, curling iron and make up. I grabbed my wallet and my emergency money I saved up for the past 6 years. When I got all my stuff together Louis took it to the car and I wrote a letter to my mom; 

 Dear mommmyy, 

  It's me, kali,I want you to know im alright im with louis. last night we stayed in a hotel and we were just fine. Today we're catching a flight to California for a week. I have everything settled for school so I won't miss much. Me and Louis stopped by so I could get my things, I have my wallet plus my emergency money. I have my phone of course, and please... don't tell the other guys where me and louis are. Especially Harry, I need to get away. I just need time to think. Okay? I'll be safe, I promise. Well Louis is yelling at me cause we're running out of time.. bye, love you xx. 

        - kali 


 I left the note on the kitchen counter where she could see it. After I was done I met Louis in the car and we drove off to the airport. 


  ------- After The Flight -------


 Me and Louis landed in California, the flight was about 8 hours. It was a bit faster since we had a well Louis has a private jet. 

 We left the airport and we got a rental mustang for the time that we're gonna be here. Louis didn't tell me where we were staying he said it was a suprise.. 

 After almost 30 minutes of driving we pull up to a beach house. 

 "Louis! OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!" I shouted as I looked out the window of the car. 

 "You haven't even seen inside!" He jokes. 

 "I don't care. IT'S ON THE BEACH!" I shouted excitingly as we pulled into the driveway. We got our suit cases out and headed to the front door. Louis unlocks the door and we walk in. It was huge! When you walk in the kitchen is right infront then the living room and theres stairs to the upstairs the back door is right between the kitchen and the living room. Me and Louis go upstairs to pick our rooms. There's 7 rooms to choose from, I picked the biggest room, theres a HUGE window showing the view of the ocean, and the bathroom has a bath and a shower. The bed is a king size with a flat screen tv, oh and there's a balcony over looking the beach. This is going to amazing. I go down stairs to see what Louis is doing. 

 Harry's pov; 

 I just got off the phone with kail's mom. She said kali left a note saying her and Louis are in California. Me and the boys are packing our stuff, we're getting the earliest flight to California. Im not letting my girlfriend well ex girlfriend and my best friend stay together for a whole week by themselves. Im going to try to get Kali back also.. 



  ------- 9 hours later ------- 

  We just got here in LAX, and we got a taxi to drive us to the beach house they're staying in. It's 2 am, by the time we get there it's be 3 am.. hopefully louis or kali are awake.

 "Mate. Stop shaking your leg." Zayn says. 

 "Sorry... im nervous.." I looked out the window. 

 "We can tell." Liam laughs. I gave him a look as we reached the house. Lights were still on so someone was awake. We got all of our luggage and headed to the door, I rang the door bell with the rest of the boys behind me. Louis opened the door with a beer in his hand and music blasting from inside. 

 "What are you guys doing here?" He asks. 

 "Aren't you gonna invite us in?" Niall snaps. 

 "You guys. Not Harry.." Louis looks at me. 

 "Why not?" I asked confused. 

 "kali doesn't want to see you." 

 "I don't care let me in." I pushed him and walked inside with the boys following behind. 

 "Hey haz, want me to take your suit case upstairs?" Liam asks. 

 "Yeah thanks mate." I patted liam on the back. 

 "So. Where is she?" I asked Louis. He pointed out back. I went outside to see her sitting by the fire on the porch while she's on her phone. 

 "Kali?" I walked over to her. She turned around and looked at me like she's seen a ghost. 

 "Harry... what are you doing here?" 

 "I needed to see you.." I said walking closer to her. 

 "Oh. That's too bad. I don't wanna see you.." She walked inside and slammed the sliding door behind her. I sat down infront of the fire, feeling horrible. 


 kali's pov; 

 I cant believe him! He thinks he can just come here and get me back? Not happening sorry!

 "Kali!!" I hear an irish boy shout behind me. 

 "Niall!" I ran up to him and gave him a hug. 

 "I've missed you...." niall makes a sad face. 

 "i've missed you too." I say. "Where is the rest of the boys?" I asked. 


 I walked upstairs searching for the other three band mates. I walked down the main hall where the rooms where when I heard my name in a conversation. I stopped and walked closer trying to hear better. 

 "Guys... I like kali. I just need to be honest and say it." I heard louis say. 

 "You can't like her! That's Harry's girl..." Liam says. Louis likes me?

 "Not really... they broke up. But Harry comes here and trys to win her back? Huh, good luck hazza.." Louis says softly. 

 "What do you mean?" Zayn asks.

 "Me and kali have gotten really close over the past few days. She's an amazing girl.. and.." He trails off.. he better not say it... "we kissed.." damn you louis! 

 It's true. We did kiss, around 6 or so we were down by the water and Louis was telling me something and we just automatically got closer.. until we were inches away. Then he leaned in and kissed me, i kissed him back. Im not gonna lie, I wanted to. 

 After louis tells them that it went silent so I decided to head back downstairs hoping Harry was still outside. He was, but not on the porch.. Niall was raiding the fridge as usual...

 "Where's harry?" I asked niall. 

 "He down to the shore.." He said "I think you should go talk to him, just to tell him where you are with him. Like I don't know how to explain it.." He explained. 

 "I understand, and I guess I should.. I'll be back." I walked outside walking towards Harry who was standing up  in the water. I was right behind him, he was just looking out into the water. I don't think he knew I was there. 

 "Harry?" I whispered. 

 "Kali? What are you doing here?" He asked with his hands in his hoodie. 

 "I wanted to talk to you.." 


 "Well Harry.. when I saw that picture of you kissing that girl I didn't want to believe it. I thought you would never do anything like that to me. I was wrong and I know you were drunk, but I didn't want to say it was okay just because you were drunk. If I did then you would probably do it again and just think it's okay because you're drunk you know? I came here with Louis because I just needed to think about this.. I just needed space. Louis offered to come here, It could of been Niall, Zayn, and Liam too... so don't get mad because Louis came with me.. and I don't think we should get back together right now.. im sorry.." I explained. 

 "Alright.. I understand. But I have a question... have you and louis done anything since you've been here?"

 I nodded. I can't believe im telling him this... "We kissed." 

 Harry was mad I could tell. He took his fist out of his pocket and clenched. He walked off back to the house. I would never of imagined my life like this. But it is.  

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