Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


14. Chapter 14.



 "The contestant that is going home tonight is...." 

The boys were in a huddle type of thing all hugging one another. 


 "One Direction." says the host. My heart broke in 5 different pieces. You could see the tears that the boys were holding in. 

 "Im really sorry boys, but you guys are an amazing band I wish you best." The boys nod their heads in disappointment. "Here is a little video of you're guy's time here." There were some clips of them singing, playing around backstage like 5 yr olds, and then there were some photo's. One's of them singing, some separate pictures, and some of me and Harry. Which made me smile, you could even see Harry smile too. Then the video ended. The judges talked to them, and then they walked off stage. 

 I texted Harry at 10:30 so they would have some time to think about this whole situation; 

 To: Hazza<3(: 

 'hey babe. i saw the show, and im so sorry.. ;( you guy's deserved to stay tho.' 

 I got a reply a couple minutes later. 

 From: Hazza<3(: 

 'Thanks love. I miss you lots. I really wanna see you right now.' 

 To: Hazza<3(: 

 'i miss you too ;c and when will you be back?' 

 From: Hazza<3(: 

 'well now, probably..... wednesday. so only 2 more days!(:' 

 To: Hazza<3(: 

'Oh yay! i should probably get to bed now, i'll text you when i get up. i miss you so much, and can't wait to see you. I love you <33' 

 From: Hazza<3(:

 'alright, i miss you more ;) and i love you tooo, love. goodnight, xx.' 


 I took a shower and got ready for bed. I laid down, just thinking. Thinking about how much my life has changed over the past year. I was thinking about how Harry used to tease me when we were young, about 5 & 6. He used to say my pig tails were ugly, and then that he was gonna cut them off. But he wouldn't dare. I laughed to myself at the thought of that. One thing ran through my mind that I needed to know. 

 Why did mine and Harry's parents stop talking? It separated me and Harry, and that was horrible. I missed him so much when I got older, but I never knew where he was, or how he was doing. I wonder if he thought the same about me... I decided to go ask my mom about this, hopefully she was still awake. 

 I crept downstairs to see my mom on her iPad. She saw me with a confused look on her face. 

 "Why are you still up?" She says as she watched me walk towards her. 

 "Mom, what happened between you and Harry's parents?" 

 "Um, why are you asking me this all the sudden?" 

 "Just answer." 

 "Fine. When you were 3 and Harry was 4... you guys were playing out in our backyard. I was watching him for Anne, and Robin. Your dad was at work, but then Robin got home and came to get Harry. He said he wanted to talk to me. He came inside, and said one day he came home while I took you and Harry out to the park and Anne and your father were fooling around with each other. That's why me and Anne don't really talk and thats why we didn't talk back then. That is also why me and your father are not together." she explains. 

 I try and process this the best I could. My dad and Harrys mom had an affair. No one has told me this until 14 years later?! Everyone knew BUT me. Wow. 

 "Why didn't you tell me this sooner!?" I shouted and ran upstairs. I flopped on my bed, I looked at my iHome that was sitting on my bed it read 11:45 as the time. i needed to go to sleep. 


 The next morning I got up, texted harry, and got ready for the school day. I praying that today was less "paparazzi'ie' I walked down stairs seeing my mom talking to someone on the phone, remembering what she had told me the night before. I still very mad. I poured myself some cereal and sat the table, and scrolling on twitter when something catches my eye. A picture. A picture of Harry and some girl. kissing. in the lobby of the hotel the boys are staying at. I couldn't move, literally. I dropped my spoon on the table and then my phone dropped as well. I ran upstairs so my mom wouldn't see me crying. 

 he cheated on me. The one person who I trusted, cared for, loved... broke my heart. My heart literally hurt. I laid on my stomach on my bed and cried my eyes out. I went into my bathroom to see my make up ruined. Mascara running down my face, my eyes puffy and red, my nose was red too. I had a headache that was just pounding in my head. I felt horrible. I never thought he would do this, I was wrong. 

 I stopped crying for a minute, then my mom must have heard me crying cause she came running in. 

 'Kali! Whats wrong?!" 

 "H-Harry. He che-ated on me." I tried to say, but I had that pain in my throat like it felt like i was choking on something. and the tears began to fall again, until they all came running down my cheek once more. My mom's expressions dropped, she gave me a comforting hug. 

 "You don't need to go school if you don't want to." 

 "I need to mom, it's the second day of school." I say walking into my bathroom and fixing my make up. 

 "Well alright... but you better leave in the next 5 minutes if you wanna be on time." My mom says walking out of my room. I still can't believe Harry. 

 On my way to school put the radio on and mine and Harrys song came on, I Won't Give Up. I almost started crying, but held it back and changed the station. I pulled into a reserved parking lot only for seniors. I got out, and walked towards the front of the building. I met Sammee and Paige and told them everything. Of course... thanks to social networking they already knew. They told to not think about it. That didn't work at all. We were walking for 2 minutes and I could not stop thinking about Harry. 

 This really snobby girl named Becca and her 2 little bitches ran right into me when I was walking to my locker. 

 "Umm.. can you not?" I looked at them. 

 "Awhh, look at her.. she's just sad that her boy toy cheated on her." becca made a pouty sad that turned into laughing. 

 "At least I can get a boyfriend." I shouted. This time people were forming a circle around us. 

 "At least I have friends that don't use me for my famous boyfriend." she snapped back. 

 "You're right, YOUR friends use you for your money. Don't think they like you, they like your money. They think you're a snobby little bitch, like everyone else here." with every word I said I got closer and closer to her. After I said that, everyone went "Ooooooooo" and that made me laugh. I walked off leaving becca and her 'friends' to there pathetic selves. I walked in my 1st period right on time.  



 Right now it's lunch me, Sammee and Paige went to Panda for lunch. There we saw a couple of boys from the football team. They were sitting down while we were ordering. Once we were done, we sat at the booth right behind them. Until one of them came up us; 

 "You're Kali. Harry Style's girlfriend right?" I think his name was Chad? He was pretty cute too.. 

 "Yes. I am.. and you are?" I laughed. 

 "Brad." he smiled. Damn, I knew I close to his name.. haha. 

 "Oh nice, well these are my friends: Samme, and Paige." I pointed to them when I said there names. 

 "Nice to meet you girls. see ya around school sometime Kali?" he winked and walked off. Paige saw him wink and went wide eye at me and I did the same. We finished our food and went back the hell hole I call school. 



 I came home and saw a red mustang parked in my drive way. The same car as Liam's. I walked inside to see 5 boys sitting on my couch with my mom. Everyone stood up as I walked in. My heart broke into a million pieces when I saw Harry. 

 "What the hell. Am I a queen or something? Why'd you stand up when I walked through the door?" I asked placing my back pack on the chair.

 "Can I talk to you Kali?" Harry asks quietly. 

 I rolled my eyes and went up to my room and he followed behind. 

 "I came here to suprise you... SUPRISE!" He TRIED to sound excited, I was not buying it. 

 "Well, I did see something that gave me quite a suprise this morning. and I think you know exactly what it is Styles." I crossed my arms. 


 Harry's pov; 

 Damn it. Shit. Fuck damn me. Im such an idiot. It's true... I did kiss that girl in the lobby of my hotel I wasn't thinking. I was drunk. That's not an excuse though. 

 "Well, I did see something that gave me a quite a suprise this morning. and I think you know exactly what it is Styles." damn, she crossed her arms. 

 "You're mom told me everything.... and kali im so sorry. I was drunk I didn't mean to kiss her. I had wayy too much to drink and I wasn't thinking clearly. I love you, I always have." I tried to explain. 

 "Well.... in that case...." She started to smile. She said something else that made me feel like I was crushed by the titanic or something, I instantly went to tears. I couldn't believe it... 


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