Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


13. Chapter 13.



  "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" My loud alarm went off. So I had to get up since I was leaving Harry today.. Harry was still sleeping so I tried to be as quiet as possible. I went into the bathroom and pulled my hair into a messy bun, I got dressed into leggings, a white shirt, and black sandals. I was about ready to leave I had a few extra minutes so I began reading tweets and some DMs on twitter. Just the usual "Tell Harry & the boys to follow me plz? xx." I really wish I could get all the boys to follow all there fans.. but that'd be a lot on the boys... it was 10:15 am I decided I should leave a bit early so I could stop get some food. I decided to wake Harry up and tell him I was leaving. 

 "Babe...? Harry. Wake up.." I whispered. He sat up and looked sad. 

 "Is it time for you to go love?" He uncovered the sheets and followed me to the door. 

 "Sadly... yes." I hugged him so tight. I don't know when we're gonna see each other next, 2 months at the least. 

 "Im gonna miss you so much." 

 "Im gonna miss you more." I laughed a bit. 

 "Yeah right babe." he said and looked into my eyes. I loved his green eyes so much... and his messy/curly hair, his raspy deep voice, his tallness, the way he lights up the room, how he cares about everyone so much, he's so loving and caring. I love him. I never thought I would love Harry.. but I do. 

 Me and Harry kissed for a long time until I spoke up. 

 "I have to go now." I pulled out of his grip. I opened the door and started to walk out. Me and Harry walked down to the lobby hand in hand where we met the 4 other boys, which was very suprising... i never thought they would ever get up this early. 

 "Why do you have your suit case?" Zayn asks me. 

 "I have to go back home..." I started to tear up. 

 "What? I thought you were staying with us?!" Louis says quite loudly.. 

 "No. School starts on Monday, which I am not looking forward to... but I have to go." I hugged Niall, Liam Zayn and then Louis. Harry hugged me so tight, I didn't want to leave at all. Harry kissed me on the forehead. When he whispered something to me... 

 "I love you." harry whispered to me. 

 "I love you, too." I started walking towards the door when music started playing... 

 'Baby come back!' Louis played that song from his phone him and Niall were cracking up so hard but I have to admit it was pretty funny... but I turned around flipped Louis off. Then everyone started laughing. 

 I finally got to my car, and put my suit case into the trunk. I turned the radio on, and began singing as loud as possible to the songs that came on. It was nice having some time to myself you know? Without 5 boys running around screaming and acting like 4 year olds all the time. But I missed Harry.


 I had to get some gas before going onto the freeway, and then I decided to get myself a drink from Starbucks. I went inside and when I was ordering I heard someone else come in. The worker finally came to the counter as I ordered a tall Vanilla Bean. When I got it, I turned around to see a very familiar face.... Louis. 

 "Louis? What are you doing here?" I asked confused. 

 "Getting some coffee? But I need to talk to you.." He said serious.

 "I can't stay. I really have to go.. but uhmm text or call me tonight ok? Bye lou." I walked out very quickly to my car. That was weird. I wonder what he wanted to talk to me about, and how'd he know I was Starbucks? Guess I'll find out tonight. 


   After 6 hours of driving I finally made it home. When I got my mom was out at the grocery store getting stuff for dinner. I went to my room that I missed a lot. There was a few boxes here and there that I haven't unpacked since we moved to this house. Since I was home all alone with nothing to do I decided to call my best friend Sammee. Who I haven't really metioned her before because she's been in France... with her boyfriend. I wanna go to France with Harry.... that'd be so amazing. 

 I texted Sammee and told her to come over. About 15 minutes later I heard a knock on the door, and it was Sammee. 

 "SAMMEE!" I yelled as opening the door. 

 "KALI!" She yelled back. She came and we went up to my room.

 "So. Tellll meee!" She says excited. 


 "You know... you and Styles." She moved her eyebrows up and down making me laugh. 

 "We're dating. No big deal." I say. 


 "Sammee, did you forget i've known Harry for 17 years... and I don't see him as one of the most famous guys." 

 "Oh yeah. Well. Everyone knows, you guys are all over magazines, the news, twitter, instagram.. I wonder how school is gonna be like for you on Monday." 

 Oh my god. I totally forgot, how are people handle me dating Harry Styles? Are they going to treat me the same way? God, I hope so. 

 "Uhmm yeah who knows, hopefully it goes just fine." I blow it off like no big deal. 




 *******Monday After School******

 Dear god. School was horrible! All the girls are giving me there twitter names so I can tell Harry to follow them on twitter, instagram and being extremely nice to me, talking to me any chance they get, asking for me to take pictures with them. and oh my gosh it was a nightmare! Me, Sammee, and our other friend Paige went to Subway for lunch, and there were paps everywhere! It was crazy!

 I got home and my mom was already home. 

 "How school sweetie?" My mom asks right when I get through the doors.

 "Horrible! Me, Sammee and Paige got swormed with paparazzi at Subway today! It was crazy!" I explained while pouring myself some dr. pepper. 

 "Oh im sorry. I hope it gets better." She says going upstairs. I decided to call Harry and tell him everything. He picked up after 3 rings; 

 'hey babe! how was school?' he asks

 'hi harry, and it was intense...' 

 'how? what happened?'

 'well the girls were giving me there twitter names for you, asking for pictures with me, and me and my friends got swormed with paparazzi today at subway.' 

 'oh wow... that does seem intense.. well im so sorry babe. im sure it'll get better though.' 

 'yeah I hope so.... i miss you so much.' 

 'i miss you like crazy too. dont forget to watch tonight!' 

 'oh yeah! I won't i promise.' 

 'alright well, i have to go simons yelling at me.' 

 'haha okay, bye i love you.' 

 'i love you too bye.' then we hung up. Tonight theres a new show of the X-Factor. we're gonna find out who the two finalist are. Im praying it's One Direction, they want this so bad. 





 "MOM HURRY UP THEY'RE GONNA ANNOUNCE IT!" I yell to my mom whos getting her phone from her room. Right now we're watching the x factor to see who's going home tonight, and im just praying it's not One Direction.. the 3 contestants are standing on stage with worried looks. Harry and the rest of the boys are standing in a circle waiting for the name to be called out. 

 "The contestant that is going home tonight is...." 

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