Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


11. Chapter 11.


 Kali's pov; 

 I woke up around 7:45 and Harry was on the phone with someone.. 

 "Alright mum.. I love you too." He sounded... sad? He turned around and saw I was awake.

 "Good morning, love." he kisses me on the shoulder. He lays down next to me and I get super close to him. 

 "Can we get McDonalds for breafast?" I sat up smiling at him. 

 "Sure. Go get ready, I'll go ask the boys if they want anything." He says getting out of the covers, and I walk to my suitcase and get out some shorts, a red hollister shirt and my red vans and I pull my hair into a messy bun. When I was ready I went out of the bathroom and all the boys are in mine and Harry's hotel room. 

 "KALI!" Niall shouts running up to me and giving me a hug. 

 "Hi Niall, what was that for?" I luaghed

 "I haven't seen you in FOREVER!" 

 "Niall, you saw me last night..." I giggled and went to sit next to Zayn on the couch. "Wheres harry?" I asked them, cause he wasn't in the hotel room. 

 "Umm no clue actually.." Louis says. So I decided to text him.

 To: Hazza<3(: 

 Hi, where are you? 

 From: Hazza<3(:

 The lobby. Come down here please?(:

 Hmm, wonder what that was about, but I grabbed my phone and key to our hotel room and headed downstairs to the lobby. I was hoping there weren't any fans down there. I get out of the elevator to see a bunch of balloons and a lot of people I didn't know. I walk over to Harry and ask him what was going on. 

 "I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have you in my life, and I couldn't have done all of this X-Factor stuff without you and I just want to say thank you for all you have done and thank you for supporting me in a time like this." He kisses me on my cheek. 

 "Oh my gosh harry.. that was so cute... and of course I would support you!" I hug him. and I can see some flashes going off which meant people are taking pictures of me and Harry. 

 "Oh and Harry who are these people?" I whisper to him while me and Harry are sort of posing while people take pictures of us. 

 "I have no idea honestly." He whispers back. And then Paul waves to us saying it's time for us to go, which I have no idea where we're going. Me and Harry meet Paul by the front doors leading to outside and there are SO many girls out here. Harry puts his arm around my waist pulling me close to him while we're right behind Paul who is leading us to the car. While we were walking all you heard was them calling harrys name and my name as well. But there were some hurtful things being said about me, I just didn't listen. We finally made it to the car, and I asked where we were going. 

 "Where are we going??" I asked. 

 "McDonalds duhh.." Harry smiles. I gave him a quick kiss. 


 Harry's pov; 

  We finally made it to McDonalds and we walk inside with Paul close behind us and there wasn't anyone there so that was good. We all ordered and sat at a table while waiting for our food. 

 "So. What do you say about a dinner tonight?" I ask her. 

 "Who's going?" 

 "Me, you, Liam, Ashley (liams gf), Louis, Eleanor (louis's new gf, Zayn, Perrie, and Niall, and Demi but Niall doesn't know THAT yet.." 

 "Ohhh cool, yeah sure sounds fun." she smiles. 


 We eat our breakfast and go back to the hotel our dinner reservations aren't until 6 so we have some time to just chill out a bit. 

  Me and Kali meet up with the boys at the pool when we come back. We get to the pool and see Ashton, Calum, and Micheal from 5sos.

 "ASHTON!!!!!!" Kali yells running over to Ashton and giving him a big hug. She sounded like a crazy fan. 

 "Kali!" He shouts back. 

 I am walking over to them too.

 "What are you doing here?" Kali asks ashton, micheal, and calum. 

 "Actually... Harry texted us. Told us where you guys were and we were actually already here in town. And so we thought it was an excellent plan to meet up." Calum explains. 

  Louis, Luke, Liam, Niall and Zayn were all in the pool. So I decided to join them, while Kali catches up with the boys. Kali was getting ready to get in the pool when Louis and Niall crept up behind her and pushed her in. 

 Right when she came up from the water Louis and Niall and everyone else started busting out laughing. 

 "I'll get you two.. just wait." She says swimming towards me. She hugged me, she had her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around me. and rested her head on my shoulder. And I think she actually fell asleep. Me and all the boys were just talking about the X Factor and that kind of stuff. 

 "We actually are looking for a 4th member for our band" Calum says

 "To do what?" Luke asks. 

 "Lead singer." 

 "Really? Im actually a pretty good singer myself.." Luke has a smirk on his face. 

 "Well, auditions are tomorrow at 5. Call us tonight and we'll give you the dets." Ashton says drinking his soda. 

 "Did she fall asleep Harry?" Zayn asks me, and I nod my head. 

 "AWWW!" Everyone says. It was 3 o'clock so I decided to bring Kali upstairs so she can start getting ready. I laid her down on the couch and woke her up. And we both began getting ready.


 kalis pov; 

 While I was doing my hair I got a call from my mom. 


 'hi sweetie! how is everything going?' 

 'great actually tonight we're all going out for dinner.' 

 'that sounds lovely. but tomorrow you have to come back home, remember? monday is the first day of your senior year!!'

 'oh ya... right. well i'll call you tomorrow morning.' 

 'alright love you.'

 'love you too mom.' 

 I can't believe school is starting already, and this means i'll have to leave Harry before we find out if they win or not, but Im positive Harry will understand. But I have to go talk to harry about this. 

 I walk out of the bed room and see Harry standing infront of the mirror checking himself out.. 

 "Ahemm... sorry to ruin your checking out time.. but I need to talk to you." I go sit down on the couch. He just laughs and follows me.


 "Well, you know school is starting up Monday and It's Thursday today so my mom wants me to start heading home tomorrow."

 "Oh. Alright love.." he kisses me on the lips, and I kiss him back and then we're full on making out for about 3 minutes before Louis and Niall bust in the door.  

 "OH GOD GET A ROOM!" Louis covers his eyes, then covers Nialls eyes too. 

 Harry's pov; 

 "OH GOD GET A ROOM!" Louis covers his eyes, then covers Nialls eyes too. Me and Kali stop kissing and crack up. 

 "Bro, you're in OUR ROOM..." I say sitting up. 

 "Yeah.. how'd you get in anyway?" Kali asks. 

 "We have a key." Niall smiles. Kali looks at me confused and I just shrug my shoulders. 

 "Well. I can you two aren't ready. We're gonna have to make sure you two get ready separate rooms.. cause seems like you guys are a distraction to one another." Louis points to me and kali.  Me and Kali just smile at each other. 

 "Well I do need to finish getting ready.." Kali gets up and goes into the bathroom.

 "Are you guys ready?" I ask Louis and Niall. 

 "Yeppers." Niall says raiding our refridgerator. 

 "So. Have you told Kali you loved her yet?" Louis asks sitting next to me. And that was a good question actually... 

 "No.. we've only been dating for almost two months lou." 

 "I know.. but you've known her for 18 years. You know her better than she knows her self." He did have a point. And I do think I love her.. and I don't know if she's ready for the whole 'I love you' thing. 

 "Yeah I guess so, well i need to get dressed, be out in 5." I walk to my bed room.

 When I was done I walk out to Liam, Ashley, Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie, and Niall playing chubby bunny. 

 "Oh hey guys." I smile and sit next to Niall who was sitting on the living room floor. 

 "Where's kali?" Eleanor asks. 

 "Being a girl and taking a long ass time to get ready.." Everyone looks behind me their eyes widen. Then I hear; 

 "Ahemm.." kali stands behind me with her arms crossed. I quickly stand up. 

 "Babe you look.. just... completely..WOW...." I managed to get out. 

 She amazing! Tight mid-thigh black dress, cut low, and black high heels with her hair curled and her bangs french braided. 

 "Yeah.. well I took a 'long ass time to get ready' so know wonder i look like this." she mocks me. "But thank you harry." she kisses me and walks over to the girls and they say there hi's and catch up with each other. 

 "WHO'S READY TO GO EAAATTT!?" Niall shouts walking out the door.

 "You are!" Everyone says. Then we all head down to the lobby to go eat dinner. 


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