Just the Beard

Destiny Fields was just a typical college girl when she was asked to be Harry Styles' beard at a fashion show in New York. She gets paid $4,000 every month just to cover up for one of the members of the biggest boy group in the world. Harry's strong relationship with Louis Tomlinson isn't even half of her problems after she falls deeply in love with Harry. He doesn't know how she feels, and she begins to think he never will.


2. |Chapter 1|

My tummy fills with butterflies as Harry's eyes scan up and down my figure, looking over the beautiful, sleek, red dress I slipped on for tonight's award show. "You look amazing in this dress, Destiny." Harry says softly. Does he not know that his voice makes me weak? Of course he doesn't know, he has not a clue. "Thanks." I simply say, worrying that if I say more, my voice might give into my nerves.

"I'll call Liam and tell him we're almost ready. You finish up." He says with that angelic smile before turning around and walking into the bedroom, in search of his phone. We didn't share a house, I was at his place for tonight. I sigh as my eyes turn back to the mirror I was just examining myself in. What makes me think Harry would ever love me? He's in a relationship and it's with another guy. You have no chance, Destiny.

I pick up my diamond stud earrings and stick them into each of my ears. I smooth my dress down with my hands as I turn and walk back into Harry's bedroom. He turns, his phone to his ear as he speaks to Liam, and gives me yet another breathtaking smile. 'Gorgeous.' He mouths before continuing his conversation.

I return a smile and sit carefully on his bed, pulling my black silver high heels to me. I slide each of them onto my feet, a smooth process. I look back at Harry after hearing the conversation end and see him sliding his phone into the pocket of his black dress pants. It's funny to see him in dress pants, being that he usually wears skinny jeans. "You look nice too, Harry." I compliment as I stand up from the bed.

He smiles, walking over to me and taking my small hand into his, "Almost as nice as you look." He grins. His hands, ugh, there's no words to describe how it feels when his hand envelopes mine. He's such a warm, affectionate guy. You just can't help but to love him.

He pulls me into his arms, wrapping them around me, and allows me to feel his warmth. I feel safe and loved when his arms are around me. I just wish when we kissed, it would have more meaning to it. Of course he only kisses my lips when we're in public, mainly for the paparazzi; who are always lurking. "You smell delicious." I giggle, taking in a whiff of his scent. The showering gel he used gave him a fruity kind of aroma.

He chuckles and his soft, pink lips plant a light kiss on my forehead before he pulls away from the hug. "I think we're good and ready, yeah?" He smiles as he grabs his car keys from the night stand on side of his bed. I nod with a small smile before strutting over to his door. He leads me out of his room and we make our way downstairs. "Want anything to eat before we head out?" He asks.

I shake my head, indicating that I'm fine and I open the front door, walking out with careful steps. He follows me out and turns around, locking the door behind us. I'm not aware that as we walk to his car, his eyes fall to my backside, staring at my butt. If I had known, I would've taken it upon myself to walk like a model.

He walks to the passenger's side and opens the car door for me, like the gentleman he is. I thank him with a nod, sliding into the car cautiously. He walks around to the other side and gets in, starting the car up. I sigh, checking my hair and makeup in the mirror, making sure that I look presentable.

Well, this is where my favorite part begins. The fake affection. At least Harry even shows me affection. That is, when he has to. Which is only for the public and has no emotional meaning to it.
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