Tutour Tourture

Finally. After four years of being bullied, Emily finally got away from it all. She was happy now that she wasn't worried about Louis everyday. She didn't know what had happened to him. They were so close but one day he shoved her into her locker and he had bullied her ever since. But now she has loads of great friends and is about to get asked out by the cutest guy in school. But when the head master asked her to tutored the new kid at school, she had never imagined that she would have to tutor the one who put her through hell..


21. Who was it?

Louis sounded generally worried about me when he was on the phone. He said that he saw Molly walk past him on the stairs and then stick her foot out behind me so that I tripped as I went down. he sounded like he was telling the truth, but I wasn't too sure weather I should trust him. I decided to just try not to think about it. Harry dropped my off back at home and I waited for about an hour before I headed out to Louis for our tutor session. I didn't tell my mom about the accident but I knew she would find out sooner or later. Eventually I grabbed my things and headed out for Louis' house. when I pulled up, I saw Louis pacing in the window. As soon as he saw me, he stood up straight and ran for the door. He opened it and ran right up to me. "Oh My God Emily are you alright?" he said, hugging me tightly. "I'm fine." I laughed. "I didn't think you were going to come tonight.." Louis sighed, "Of cores I would come.." I smiled at him. we walked inside and I noticed a small bruise by the side of his eye. and a small cut my the side of his lip. "What happened?" I asked, rubbing the corner of his lip, he grabbed my thumb and held on to it, "Guess.." he laughed, "Cally?" "Yup.." I just giggled and we went and sat down at the table. This time I sat down next to Louis and handed him the maths sheet. Just then Lottie came down the stairs and in to the living room. But as soon as she saw me, she shot me a death stare, "For god sake Lottie!" Louis exploded at her when he saw her looking at me, "Drop it! she didn't do anything!" Lottie scoffed at Louis and went and sat in the living room.  "sorry about her.." Louis apologised to me, "forget about it.." I sighed. we began to work on the maths sheet.

An hour and a cup of tea later, we were finished and I saw packing my things away. before I went to leave Louis grabbed me. "You do believe it wasn't me right?" he asked, looking at me sincerely. "Yeah.." I sighed. He smiled and hugged him before I left. As soon as I got back home I called Cally. "Hey! are you okay?" she asked. "I'm fine.. It's Louis I'm worried about!" I laughed at her. "Oh.. Yeah.." she giggled. "Your so weird.." I sighed.


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