Tutour Tourture

Finally. After four years of being bullied, Emily finally got away from it all. She was happy now that she wasn't worried about Louis everyday. She didn't know what had happened to him. They were so close but one day he shoved her into her locker and he had bullied her ever since. But now she has loads of great friends and is about to get asked out by the cutest guy in school. But when the head master asked her to tutored the new kid at school, she had never imagined that she would have to tutor the one who put her through hell..


2. Surprise Assembly.

We walked off to french and we talked about Harry all the way. we were all in the same french class. and when I say all I mean, Harry and his friends too. In fact, Harry sits next to me. French is when he started to first talk to me and flirt with me. as we stood waiting for our teacher, Harry walked past me. I gasped loudly and he looked me in the eyes, "Morning Sexy..." he smiled, and walked to the back of the line. I recived a few pokes to the arm as we walked into french, thanks to Hanah and Kaite.  I sat down and a few short seconds later, Harry sat down too, "Hey," I said as he pulled his pen from his pocket, "Hey.." He smiled. I looked across the room to see all my friends, and his, stairing over at us. "You do realize what they are waiting for don't you?" I said, looking back over at Harry. "For me to ask you out?" He asks, raising his eyebrows, "Uh-Hu..." I clarify. "Okay then... Emily Moore.." He sighs. Oh My god! he's actually going to ask me out! Then the assistant head teacher walks in and calls our attention to him. "I would like you all to make your way to the hall, we have a very special, One off assembly..." He announced. I jumped up and grabbed my bag. I waited a few seconds to catch up with the other girls and we walked over to the assembly hall together, not in any particular rush. "Did he ask you!" Cally blurted out, "No.." I sighed, "Uhhh!!!" Lucy Moaned at my side. then harry and his friends strode past us and Hanah's eyes stayed put on Niall. "Eh-hem!" Kaite Coughed loudly, she shook her head and turned back to us, "What?" she said innocently. we all just laughed at her.

we eventually turned up at assembly and took our seats next to the rest of our forms. "Good Morning Year 12!" Our head mistress called as we all quietened down, "Today we have a group of people who are going to show us a very important drama performance! now it can get quite sensitive so if you want to leave you can!" she said loudly, then she flicked the lights off and the lights on the stage went up, "HHHEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!" came a very loud voice on the stage, making me jump out of my skin. I looked around the room and saw Harry looking straight at me and smiling. the play was actually very good. it went on for a good hour but when I finally got my head around the plot, I began to well up. It was all about a girl getting bullied by her best friend. It was like they had been spying on my life.. I began hyperventilating quietly but then I just had to get up and leave. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the room, crying my eyes up. I'd tried so hard to forget about everything, and I was so happy now, but suddenly all these memories came flooding back. I slid down the wall, sobbing into my sleeves. then the door next to me opened quietly and somebody sat down next to me. I expected it to be Cally or Harry but it was Liam. "Hey.." He said, throwing his arm around my shoulder. "You okay?" he asked sweetly. Liam was one of those people you could let out everything to and they would be so understanding. "Yeah.." I Sniffed, "I'm good," I wiped the stray tears off my face and stood back up, holding onto Liam for support. "Okay, come on.." He said, placing his hand on my back and leading me into the room. the people on stage had stopped acting and were now taking questions from people. "Yes, The guy with the curly hair!" one of the actors shouted across the room, and Harry began to speak. "How do you know if someone has been or is being bullied but they haven't told anyone?" he said loudly. I whipped my head round to face him, my hair flicking in to Liam's face. "Well," The actress on stage began, "They would probably start acting differently or say strange things.." the woman continued to talk so I just went back to my seat and blocked the noise out.

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