Tutour Tourture

Finally. After four years of being bullied, Emily finally got away from it all. She was happy now that she wasn't worried about Louis everyday. She didn't know what had happened to him. They were so close but one day he shoved her into her locker and he had bullied her ever since. But now she has loads of great friends and is about to get asked out by the cutest guy in school. But when the head master asked her to tutored the new kid at school, she had never imagined that she would have to tutor the one who put her through hell..


16. Parents..

"EMMILY!!" Rosie yelled when she saw me. I had gone to pick her up from school, and she always loved it when I did. she ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. "Hey!" I laughed. we trotted off to my car and she told me all about the day she had had, "AND ALFIE ASKED ME OUT!" she yelled when we were in the car. "Sounds great!" I smiled at her. "What about you Emily? how has Harry been?" she asked me. I just sighed, "You can tell me anything you know.." she nudged my elbow and I began to explain everything. From the Fight yesterday, to the Kiss, to the fight today to the Louis being nice to me, "And?" Rosie asked, "And what?" I said. "he said he had to confess something.. what was it?" she was on the edge of her seat. "Well.. he never.. actually... told.. me.." I realized slowly. What could he have to say? I shook it off and we went inside. My Mom, Dad and Tom were waiting on the sofa for us when we got in. "What's up?" I asked, slumping down next to Tom, who was giving me evil looks. but not like angry evil, live revenge evil. "Well...." Tom began. Uh-oh, What had happened? I looked over to my mom, "Tom's new girlfriend's parents have invited us there for dinner tonight!" she said happily. Rosie looked really exited but I just stared at Tom. "Revenge.." Tom whispered to me. "did you say something Tom?" My dad asked sweetly. why was everyone so happy about this! I ran off up to my bedroom and dialled Cally's number. "HHEYY GGUURLL!!" she shouted when she answered, "Cally! IM HAVING A MAJOR CRISIS!" I yelled back at her. "Whoa! what's going on!" Cally asked in concern, "Do I need to Beat Louis up again?" I laughed at her, "No, but Tom's girlfriend has invited us there for dinner.." I began.. "So?" Cally said.. "TOM'S GIRLRIEND IS LOUIS SISTER!" I yelled at her, "BACK THE TRUCK UP!"  she yelled back, "I know!" I began to pace around my room. "What am I going to do!" "Just go there, dressed to impress and see what happens! he will be drooling all over you allllllllllllll night!" she sounded quite exited, "okay.." I exhaled, "Ill get ready and text you a picture of me, see what you think?" I said, beginning to search through my wardrobe. "Awesome!" she exclaimed. then we hung up and I began to throw clothes everywhere.

I was finally ready to go. I was going for the subtle sexy look, so my parents weren't embarrassed. I wore a silver sequin vest top and some denim shorts under it. I picked out my highest black heels and my studded bracelets. I clipped on the necklace that Louis brought me when we were younger and the matching ring. it was an eternity necklace and ring. when he brought it he said that he would never leave me. but I guess it is just a necklace now. I straightened my hair out and threw a silver headband in. I took a quick picture and sent it to Cally. within seconds she sent me one back saying; "STUNNING! :)"  I smiled to myself and went down to the rest of my family. Rosie was in her favourite outfit; it was the Avril Lavigne range. it was a long top with a big smile face on and her shorts, she wore black doctor martins with it and long black socks. Tom looked very handsome in his chinos and polo top. my mom and dad dressed formally, obviously. we all piled into my dad's seven seater and headed for the Tomlinson's.

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