Tutour Tourture

Finally. After four years of being bullied, Emily finally got away from it all. She was happy now that she wasn't worried about Louis everyday. She didn't know what had happened to him. They were so close but one day he shoved her into her locker and he had bullied her ever since. But now she has loads of great friends and is about to get asked out by the cutest guy in school. But when the head master asked her to tutored the new kid at school, she had never imagined that she would have to tutor the one who put her through hell..


17. Dinner

When we pulled up, every one got out of the car. but me. "come on Emily.." she said tugging my arm. I groaned and got out of the car. Rosie held onto my hand as Tom knocked on the door. "Hello!" Louis mom said cheerily as she opened the door. "come in!" she said, motioning us inside. When we walked in, Lottie, Louis day and Louis were standing in the kitchen. (I know Louis has more sisters but whatever). Lottie ran up to Tom and they shared a hug. Louis smiled at the sight of his sister then looked up at us. His jaw dropped when he saw me. Obviously, Lottie had not told him I was Tom's sister. "Linda, isn't it?" my mom asked Louis mom. "Yes. And it's Lisa and Dan right?" she asked my mom. "Yes.." My Mom smiled, "Well, this is my husband, John.." Louis mom said walking over to her husband. They al smiled and shook hands. At first we all sat down in the living room, asking and answering questions from each other. "So, Louis, You know Emily right?" Tom asked, Eyeing me evilly. Mine and Louis moms looked at each other like they had just remembered where they knew each other from. "Oh god!" Linda said, "they were best friends wasn't they!" My mom and Linda then began to talk about when we were younger, Lottie and Rosie began to talk with tom and our dads just discussed Football. Me and Louis just sat uncomfortably. "So Louis.." I said, but he was just staring at me. I think Cally's idea worked. "yeah.." he said, looking away from my body and into my eyes, "You wanted to say som-" then His mom called us all to dinner at the table. we all gathered round the dinner table and she brought out some plates. it was one of those meals where the stuff is on the table and you kind of help your self.

during dinner, everyone got on to the subject of when me a Louis were younger. But only me and Louis knew about the Bullying thing. I looked down at my plate nervously. Louis looked over at me with eyes that seemed to be saying 'Sorry'. but then my mom said something that made me just lose it; "I do miss them being good friends." I stood up and ran out the front door, tears pouring down my face. There was a bench a bit of a way down the road so I sat there in the cold night air, Crying my eyes out. I shivered and pulled my knees up under my chin. Then I saw a shadow walking towards me. they sat down next to me and I realised that it was only Louis. "hey.." he whispered. I just sniffed. "Are you alright?" he said, holding his arm around me. "I just miss the way it used to be!" I wailed, "Me too.." Louis also began to cry a little. I turned to him and wiped the small tear off his cheek. "don't cry Louis.." I whispered. he held onto my hand and looked at the ring, "You kept it? after all these years?" he asked, sounding touched, "I've got the necklace too.." I smiled, showing it to him. he laughed and I began to cry again. "Maybe we could try again?" I asked quietly. "What?" Louis said, looking down at me. "you know, we could be friends again.. I could convince the other guys?" I looked into his eyes, "okay.." he said looking very happy. we both stood up, "oh and what was that confession you wanted to make?" I asked him, sweetly. he just sighed.. "That I've missed you.." he said hugging me.

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