Tutour Tourture

Finally. After four years of being bullied, Emily finally got away from it all. She was happy now that she wasn't worried about Louis everyday. She didn't know what had happened to him. They were so close but one day he shoved her into her locker and he had bullied her ever since. But now she has loads of great friends and is about to get asked out by the cutest guy in school. But when the head master asked her to tutored the new kid at school, she had never imagined that she would have to tutor the one who put her through hell..


30. Best friends?

All weekend, I never heard anything off the girls. they hadn't texted me, came round, rung me, Nothing. I felt like such an idiot. I kept texting Louis and he said that the guys weren't talking to him either. well at least, we still had each other. so what if they didn't want to talk, me and Louis could-  oh who was I kidding. I needed those girls like I needed oxygen. they were like my sisters. how could I screw up this bad! I was so stupid! I threw my pillow at the door, and climbed under my quilt. Just then, a little voice came from the other side of my door. "Emily?" Rosie whispered. "Can I come in." I whined at her and she came and sat on the end of my bed. "What's the matter," she said, rubbing my leg. "I don't want to talk about it.." I whispered. "Come on you can-" "I DONT WANT TO TAL ABOUT IT!" I yelled and stood up, grabbed my phone and keys off the side and ran out the door. I climbed into my car and just drove. I didn't care where. then I turned down Louis street and pulled up out side his house. I knocked on the door lightly and Lottie answered. "What do you want?" she said rudely. "Is Louis there?" I asked, timidly. she sighed and went to fetch Louis. he came to the door and looked at me, worried, "What's up?"  he said, wrapping his arms around my shoulders. "I don't think Lottie likes me.." I joked, and he shot her a evil glare. he invited me in and sat me down on the sofa, and Lottie got up and left. "Seriously, what's wrong?" Louis asked. "I cant cope.. with this.." I said poking his chest. "well everyone knows now, so we don't have to hide.." He said in to my ear, "But none of the girls want to talk to me!" I began to cry, and he pulled me in closer, "It's okay, we can-" but I cute him off and stood up. "No Louis! We cant!" I yelled. "You don't get it! these girls mean everything to me! They helped me get over my past and I can never repay them enough for that!" I babbled at him. he stood up next to me, and hugged me again. I cried in to his shoulder. "We wills sort this.." he assured me.

On Monday I drove into school on my own. I wasn't expecting the girls to talk to me, or even look at me today. and I was ready for it. I walked round to the front of the school, and headed towards the library. "EMILY" a loud voice cam from a distance behind me. I turned and saw the girls running towards me, with tears in their eyes. they all ran and pulled me in to a group hug, "Oh my god that was the worst weekend ever!" Katie balled. "We are so sorry!" Lucy said, hugging me tighter, "We are happy for you two.." Hanah said as they all pulled away, "we are really sorry we acted like that.." Cally said, not letting go of me. when she finally did, they began to ask about Louis, "Where is he?" Hanah asked, "I don't know, I came in to school on my own.." I said looking at the floor. when I looked back up, they were running off to find Louis. I loved these girls.

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