Forever Yours, McCann

Jason McCann and Ali Reth have been best of friends since 1st grade, Jason is a rich, cold-hearted gang leader. But for an odd reason, Ali makes his heart warm. What happens when Jason falls for Ali, or when Ali finds out about all of his secrets? Read more to find out the unexpected.


9. Chapter 9

Jason's P.O.V-


We were riding off into the busy Paris streets on our way to the Arc de Triomphe. And we will have so much fun there, I can promise. Every minute that I can, I try to jot down some words to the song I'm making for her, it has been tough though. I'm clearly not a songwriter.

I looked over to the left and find Ali sound asleep. I take this as an advantage and pull out the song sheet, skimming over it and thinking of ideas until I come up with two more verses.


How many I told ya's or start overs and shoulders have you cried on before,

How many promises be honest girl, how many tears ya let hit the floor?

How many bags ya packed, just to take'em back, tell me that,

How many either or's? But no more if you let me inside of your world, there'll be one less lonely girl.


Pretty good. I should be famous, well I kind of already am but that's just in Stratford, for my 'record' shall we say.

Ali started to stir before totally waking up, just to close her eyes due to the harsh sunlight coming through the windows. I shook her shoulder and cooed her name.

"Ali." I cooed shaking her shoulder.

"What." She said loudly annoyed.

"Wake up were almost there." I still cooed.

"Okay 2 more minutes." She said and closed her eyes.

"Okay." I said back.

Let's be honest, I'm not gonna let her sleep.




"Monsieur, pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît sortez plus?" I asked Dominic.

"Oui, monsieur." He said back and immediately parallel parked on the side of the sidewalk.


"Je reviens tout." I said to him while getting out of the car.


I walked around to Ali's side of the car and opened the door and pulled her out, cradling her in my arms. Lucky me, she's a really heavy sleeper.

I walked around to the front of the cab and mouthed the french word for 'honk' to him. Apparently, he can read lips well because he honked the horn really loudly, awaking Ali.

"What's happening? What's wrong? Are you okay? Why am I in your arms?" She asked panicking.

"It's okay, I saved your life from a burning building, you're okay." I said while calming her down.

"Jay, I may have been born at night, but not last night. Good try though." She said jumping out of my arms.

"Damn." I said while chuckling.

"Yeah yeah yeah, where are we?" She asked.

"We're almost to the Arc de Triomphe." I said walking back to the car.

"Oh okay. WAIT WHAT?" She got all excited.

"Yeah the Arc de Triomphe." I said plainly.

"Ohmygod. Jason. I love you!" She screamed.

"Love you to!" I yelled back.

"Ew! As a friend right?" she said back.

"Yeah, yeah as a friend." I lied.

We got back into the car, and the rest of the ride was really awkward. Like I kept looking at her and then she'd look at me staring at her, and it was just really very weird.

"Ali, we're here." I said, clearing my throat.

"Yep, I see it." She said with annoyance.

"Ali, what's wrong with you?" I said in disbelief that she would all of the sudden act like this.

"Nothing. Nothing at all, just thinking." She said through gritted teeth.

"Look, I honestly don't want to have another episode like the one at the airport. SO if you would please loose it. Or we could damn well go back to Canada, your choice." I said whisper-yelling with annoyance.

She scoffed and got out of the cab and down the side walk.

I hurried up and pulled out to twenties and through them at the drive's seat.



"Gardez la monnaie." I said getting out of the car.

I sped off down the sidewalk, making sure to keep that one gray shirt in my sight, as soon as I kept in range, I sped up before running up behind her and grabbed her arm. She right away turned around with an angry face, but uh oh. That wasn't Ali



"Que pensez-vous que vous faites?!" The woman yelled.

"Madame Désolé." I said back and ran off once I saw the real gray shirt running away.


I caught up to her and grabbed her arm and sighed in relief knowing this was the real Ali.

She turned around quickly wrenched her arm from my grip.

"Would ya stop!?" I yelled at her.

"Leave me alone! Why do you think I got out of the cab? Huh? Yeah, it was to be away from you!" She yelled back.

"Ali, stop, you're causing a scene!" I whisper-yelled at her.

"You know what Jason? I don't give a flying fuck!" She said walking away. I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Really? This is how you're going to treat me when I'm taking you on this amazing trip and you are treating it like you don't even know where the hell we are! We are in fucking Paris. That I planned out for months! That I had to save up every fucking coin I got and put it all in this trip." I said pulling her out of the public view.

"Oh yeah, congratulations! You know how to save money up! And it doesn't seem to be going so well now does it?" She retorted. I pulled her over to the side of an abandoned brick building.

"You know how bad of a friend you're being right now?" I said through gritted teeth. "Oh I'm so sorry, would you like to borrow my cell and call your mommy to tell her all about it?" She said holding out her Iphone.

"Stop being such a fucking bitch! All you've done since I've told you about this fucking trip is bitch!" I said yelling." Where are we going? How long will it be? What should I wear? You're spending to much!" I said in mocking voice.

"I'm done!" She said and ran away, down the sidewalk.

"Shit." I said under my breath, laying back against the side of the brick wall.



Ali's P.O.V-


I had to run away. I thought that this would be an amazing experience but no, Jason has to call me a fucking bitch! I mean I know that some people would think Bitch isn't totally bad, get over yourself. But I can't stand the word 'bitch'.

I ran down the sidewalk towards the Arc de Triomphe until I found a bench right in front of it and sat down.

My phone buzzed and I took it out to see Jason's name on the screen... 20 times. I guess I have to answer it.

"What do you want?" I said in the phone.

"Ali where are you?!" He said panicked.

"Why do you even care? I'm a fucking bitch remember?" I said back.

"Ali, don't be like that. I was just frustrated. You're not a fucking bitch."

"Come find me." I said hanging up.


It was getting dark out. I really hope he does find me. And took make things worse, my phone's about to die. Great.

"Bonjour, mademoiselle" A creepy french person spoke.

"I don't speak french." I told him.

"Oh, well good thing I speak english." He laughed and stepped closer. He was around my age.

"Yeah, I guess so." I smiled back.

"May I sit down?" He asked.

"Yes." I said and scootched  over for him to sit down, only to find out that it was Jason.

"Hey. I've been looking everywhere." He said and slid closer to me.

"Obviously not if you hadn't seen me earlier." I said back, crossing my arms.

"Actually I found you about two hours ago." He said and looked at me.

"Oh." I simply said.

"Look Ali, I really am sorry for calling you a bitch, I didn't mean it. I was just confused and frustrated with the way you were acting. I didn't mean it." He said with sincere.

"I know, but I guess I really was being a bitch." I said with my head down, staring at the grass from below.

"No Ali." He said tilting my chin up. "You weren't. I was just being a jackass. It's my fault." He said with regret in his honey brown gleaming eyes.

I looked at him in the eyes and he held his arms out. Soon, we were both embracing each other in a tight hug.

"Let's go back to the hotel." He said getting up. He helped me up and soon we were on our way back to the hotel.

"Were walking all the way back?" I asked.

"Yeah, just want you to see Paris at night." I said grabbing my hand.


*30 minutes later*


Soon we were back at the hotel and wow, Paris at night is so beautiful. It was so amazing.


"Jason, I'm going to sleep!" I yelled, putting pajama bottoms on.

"Okay!" He yelled back.

He came out in his boxers and I quickly put my head in the pillow.

"Jason you know the rule." I said.

"What rule?" He asked.

"The rule where as long as you're in the same bed as me, you cannot sleep in just boxers." I said.

"Oh." He said. I turned around and phew, he had pj bottoms on.

We both got under the covers and went to sleep.

"Night, Shawty." He said, turning out his lamp.

"Night, Jay-jay boo." I teased and turned out the light.

He chuckled. And we both fell asleep.




Hey guys this chappy took a long time to come up with sooooo hope you like it.

Should I skip the rest of the trip and go straight to their very last attraction or no?? Please comment what ya think!!! Love you guys i cant believe how well this movella is doing compared to my last one!!! I love you! Evn if you think i dont i do lol..... bbyyyeee plzz comment what ya think boo!!



Stay Rauhling



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