Forever Yours, McCann

Jason McCann and Ali Reth have been best of friends since 1st grade, Jason is a rich, cold-hearted gang leader. But for an odd reason, Ali makes his heart warm. What happens when Jason falls for Ali, or when Ali finds out about all of his secrets? Read more to find out the unexpected.


8. Chapter 8

Jason's P.O.V-



"What? See somethin' ya like?" I said smirking at her.

She hid her face in the silk floral pillow to hide her blushing.

"No! I was looking at how the wall had that pretty little design." She retorted.

"Oh come on. Just tell the truth. I know what you were really looking at." I said with a sly smirk on my face.

"Jason, you wish. You really wish. Only in my dreams would I almost even consider thinking that." She said in the pillow, making her voice muffled.

"Ouch." I said and placed my hand over my heart.

"Well you deserved it! Now hurry up and get dressed!" She said annoyed.

"But you don't really want me to." I said with a smirk even though she couldn't see it.

"Yes I really do." She argued.

I sighed.

"Fine. But you know that you need to get dressed to... I am taking you to some pretty amazing places. And besides you look like a bum."
"Ugh Fine! But hurry up I need some clothes!" She yelled.

"Uh... if you haven't noticed I am already dressed Licia-boo." I said in a cooey high-pitched voice.

I was dressed in something really, cool. No more than that, I was dressed really swaggy.

Yep... pretty swaggy to me. Hey, I like that word, swaggy.

I looked back over to Ali and wow, she has to dig me by the way she's looking at me.

"Ali... ?" I said with a little smile.

"What? Oh, yeah imma go get ready now." She said snapping out of her thoughts.

"Yeah. You do that." I said sitting back on the bed.

I watched her as she picked out her clothes. Aye, I ain't a stalker. She went in the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on and her stepping in, that's when I decide to start thinking of how to tell her that I love her.

I laid back on the bed with my arms crossed behind my head and I started thinking...

Could I just say it in french and be over with it? Nah, she'd never know what I said.

Send her on a hunt to find me with cute love letters, giving her hints? No, we're in Paris, she could get lost or abducted into sex trafficking.

I could think of a song to sing to her? Maybe, I don't know.

Or I could just tell her how I really feel?

I will stick with writing her a song.

But what would it be? What would it be called? How would it start?

"Ugh!" I said outloud.

"Jay? What's wrong?" I heard Ali's muffled voice from the shower.

"Nothing!" I yelled back.

I grabbed a scrap piece of paper from the nightstand's drawer and wrote a random title at the top.

One Less Lonely Girl

And started to write down the first lyrics,

How many I told ya's and start overs or shoulders have you cried on before?

How many promises be honest girl, how many tears ya let hit the floor?


That's good for now I guess, I was interrupted by the bathroom door opening, revealing a gorgeous Ali.


Ali's P.O.V-


I was done with my shower and at the moment I was doing my hair. Then I decided to check on Jay.

I opened the door just a crack to look at Jay with a pencil and paper in his hands, staring hard at whatever he was writing, so I closed the door very softly and started at my makeup.

After about 5 minutes, I was ready to go wherever Jason had planned. I came out of the door revealing myself and as soon as I stepped out, Jay's eyes were totally focused on me. Most likely because of what I was wearing.

Not to flashy, flashy isn't my style. But Jay seems to be taking a lot of interest in my shorts.


"Jay?" I said giggling.

"Jay?!" I said half laughing and half yelling.

"Jaaayyy!" I said and waved my hand in front of his face.

"Huh?" He said blankly.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked eagerly.

"Y-ya I'm ready." He sounded like a robot.

"Okay then let's go!" I said walking towards the door.

"Alrighty!" He yelled jumping off of the bed and grabbing the keys.

We walked out of the door and took the stairs down, since you know, Jay's claustrophobic. We were finally down to the lobby after nine flights of stairs.

"Bonjour, M. McCann. Sortir?" The manager from before said.



"Oui, à l'Arc de Triomphe.Chut, c'est un secret." Jay said with a finger to his lips. The manager smiled and held up a finger to his lips aswell.


"What did he say, Jay?" I asked.

"Oh he just said 'Have fun'. That's all." He said with a huge grin.

"Cool." I said back


We walked out of the lobby and on to the busy street of the amazing Paris.


We were looking for a cab and every time I tried to hail a cab, they would just ignore me. Jason just stood behind me just laughing. I was finally getting tired of it.

"What? What's so funny?" I asked annoyed.

"It's just funny how you don't know how to hail a cab."

"Oh, yeah real funny. But I'd like to see you try." I said crossing my arms over my chest.

"Okay." He said and walked out in front of me.

He walked up in front of me and whistled really loud, enough to make your ears bleed. Sure enough, a cab immediately pulled up to the curb.

"There. How do you like them apples?" He started dancing around like an idiot.

He finally stopped and opened the door for me to slide in.

"Madame." He said in a weird french accent.

I slid in to the far left, allowing Jason to slide in after me.




      "Mon nom est Dominic

Où puis-je vous prendre?" The cab driver said.

"Mon nom est Jason. Combien de temps faut-il pour l'Arc de Triomphe?" Jason asked the cab named Dominic.

"Environ 30 minutes, monsieur." Dominic said.


"Okay, Ali. Off we go. Buckle up. He said, while buckling his seatbelt as I did the same. And off wherever we go.








Hey guys im so freaking sorry!!!!!!!!! I mostly update on mondays and fridays and saturdays.

Sometimes i might call Jason McCann Jason bieber but just ignore it because i forget ok lol. I love you guys im coming up with a story right now so i might have another one ready by friday if not saturday!! R u excited for Catching Fire? I am lol. PYD Ok love you guys!! bye my lovely readers.



Stay Rauhling





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