Forever Yours, McCann

Jason McCann and Ali Reth have been best of friends since 1st grade, Jason is a rich, cold-hearted gang leader. But for an odd reason, Ali makes his heart warm. What happens when Jason falls for Ali, or when Ali finds out about all of his secrets? Read more to find out the unexpected.


4. Chapter 4

It took me a very long time to pack a week's worth of clothes but I guess its worth it... as my mom always used to say 'Better safe, than sorry, my dear.' That was before she turned into a meth-addicted bitch. I mean after her druggie boyfriend dumped her about 2 years ago, my life has been a living hell, aside from Jason always being there for me. He was pretty much my everything, even though he was only just a friend. He made me happy and I could really tell he was a true friend of the way he reacted when I came to school on certain days. My mother beats me, the only person the truly gives a shit is Jason. The school has seen my cuts and bruises and black eyes, but they won't send me home or even make a simple phone call to CPS (Child Protection Services
). Jason wants me to move in with him, and when I say him, I mean only him... he is 16 years old and lives alone in a HUGE house. Its like a mansion. Of course, I go there most of my time, since my house looks like it just went through a fire in hell. I've spent the night there on several occasions, like when my mom is about to jab a knife in my stomach, when she's snorting drugs, or when she's high. 


I was almost finished packing when I heard the oh so wonderful 'ping' from my Iphone. Jason.


"Hey we r leavin' tonite. Make sure u hav everything packed. See ya in a bit! -Jason"

I stared blankly at the message with thoughts running through my brain stem. I began to fumble out a text back.

"What do u mean tonite?? My mom will kill me!" Was my replying text, even though I could've thought of a way better one.

"Wut did I say bout dat?? No she won't... I won't let her. Plus if she does, I will call the cops myself. Got it, ur my best friend i wont let tht happen, I promise. Ok? Bettr get ur stuff together, leavin soon!" He almost instantly replied.

I looked at the text and put it back on my little nightstand beside my bed. I continued to pack enough outfits and necessities. Once I was finally finished I rolled the huge suitcase down the stairs to the front door and went to watch TV.  I was watching spongebob when I heard the doorbell ring... I know... Spongebob, I'm a little kid. I opened the door up to Jason looking like

I know that he's my best friend but damn... he is pretty hot.

"Aye, Shawty... ready to go?" He asked me with a big grin.

"Uh Yeah. I'm ready." I said back... I was overcome with nervousness and excitement to find out where we're going.

"Leggo!" He yelled.


He grabbed my suitcase and and took my hand to lead me out of the door. I didn't lock since you know, my bitch mom needs another place to stay besides the bartender's house. He led me to his car while I got in, he was putting my case in the trunk of the car. He got in the drivers seat and pulled the door closed after him, he then looked up at me with a huge grin, it was actually kind of creepy.

"What?" I said to him while sort of giggling.

"Nothing. Ready?" He asked me for the 100th time.

"Yes!" I said while half laughing, half yelling.

"Buckle up!" He said and started the engine, which seconds later roared to life.


We drove out of the driveway and out on to the street. I'm not worried or scared when I'm with Jason while he's driving, I actually feel safe because he said this to me many times that 'If I'm going to fast and you get scared, tell me and I promise I will slow down.' I know he never wants to hurt me. He said he'd rather chop off his left arm rather than to ever hurt me in any way. All of the sudden I heard Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' blasting through the speakers of his Fisker. He starts poking me in a rhythm to the song while singing the lyrics.

"Stooooooop." I said as he continued.

"Siiiiiiiiiiiiing." He said in the same whiny tone.

"Nooooooo!" I yelled back.

"Yeeeeees!" He said again, mocking me.


He stopped the car in the middle of the intersection.

"Jason! What the hell are you doing!? Are you trying to get us killed?!" I shouted at him.

"I won't budge until you sing the song with me." He simply said back.

"Damn you Jason! I'm not going to sing! You better either drive or I'm getting the hell out of this car!" I know I overreacted but if he wants to take me somewhere he better put his foot on the damn pedal.

"No you won't, I know you. You will not do it." He said with an evil smile. Well time to prove him wrong.

"Watch me." I simply said as I began to open the door.

Jason quickly reached out across me and pulled the door closed and then he locked it.

"Don't think so."

"Well you better get going before I do." I said with a hint of annoyance.

As soon as I said that, he started the engine and sped off down the road.

After a long period of silence he finally broke the silence.

"Its going to be a long ride,  you might as well take a nap." He said. He all of the sudden started to look like he was in pain.

"No Jason. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine." He said in a painful voice that showed that he wasn't.

"Jason. Lemme drive." I said in a demanding voice.

"You sure?" He asked.


"Okay, thanks, Shawty." He said while pulling into an exit to a gas station.

He unbuckled, as did I, and got out. I was about to open my door when he held up his index finger indicating to wait, I did. He quickly ran around the front of his car and opened my door and held out his hand with a big goofy grin.

"Madam." He said.

"Cheesy goof-ball." I said laughing while grabbing his hand.

He pulled me out of the car and smiled. I fake smiled back and he got in and closed his door on the passenger side. I went around to the driver's side and got in.

"I'm taking a nap. Be easy with her." He said as he looked away out the window and closed his eyes.

"Jason... I have no idea where I'm going."

"Toronto airport. Goodnight. Wake me up when we get there." He said in a tired voice.

"Oh yeah, totally, because I'm going to lock you in the car sleeping, while I go on the vacation that you planned, all by myself." I said sarcastically.

He chuckled a little bit and went to sleep.

Jason's P.O.V-

Thank god she took the wheel. I'm glad she didn't ask what happened, she knows that I'm a bad liar. She doesn't even know what it is or how I got it, and I certainly plan on keeping it like that. It hurt so much, I couldn't hide it any longer, so I'm glad she offered to drive. She thinks I'm asleep right now. And I really am tired so I guess I better go to sleep so that way I can spend more time with her.

*2 Hours Later*

I woke up to the sound of Alicia singing 'Umbrella' by Rhianna. Wow. She's an amazing singer. I never want her to stop singing. She's so beautiful in every way possible. The way her brown eyes glisten, her brown hair in a messy bun, her outfit, everything. She's perfect. I want her to be mine so bad, every time I tell her she thinks I means as a friend. I know that it will probably never happen, but its worth a try, and if I'm shot down, at least I tried and I will know that she doesn't like me in that way. She keeps glancing my way, but I fake sleep every time she does so that she'll keep singing. Damn, she's so beautiful. It makes me wanna sleep with her. Not sex, but me and her, laying close side-by-side just sleeping. It might sound weird but I do. This girl is my best friend and I would honestly do anything for her, I'd die so she didn't have to feel one ounce of sadness. I love her with all my heart, and if she was mine, I'd do everything possible to keep her mine, I'd do anything to make her mine.





Hey guys! Im so sorry i didnt update for a very long time and I tried my hardest to make this chapter reealllly good, at least i think so, ILY so much im sorry, but anyways yeah cliff hanger. If i feel like I can come up with another chapter then I will but if not then tommmmmoorrooowww. ILy thanks so much for being patient! ILYSM! bye bye boo boo! <3 #heartbreaker #Allthatmatters #holdtight #waitforaminute #recovery loooove u! cliff hanger... sorta once again im so sorry and i love u bye!





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