Letters To Liam

Who knew that a silly school assignment could change a girls life? On Hailey Carson's last day of Senior year, she is assigned a random address and is told to write a letter to this stranger. Spending the Summer in London, and being so close to her newly found crush, how will Hailey handle the news that her special someone ends up being a big someone? From One Direction. Did someone say Liam Payne?
This story contains Love, Friendship, Truth, Comedy, Heartbreak and Family


1. Chapter 1



It was the forth time looking into the mirror this morning. I wanted everything to be perfect. My hair, my make-up, my outfit, everything. It was the last day of school. And my friends and I decided to wear our best casual looking clothes, wear our hair in sloppy buns and then wear silver jewellery.


Summer was finally here. I am an Senior, graduating high school and going to Camberwell College of Arts in London. And as some sort of "preparation", as my parents likes to call it, our family is going to London for the summer. But I think its just an excuse for my mother to go to the glorious city of England. She always wanted to go walk the streets, drink coffee, and have lunch in the little cute cafes.


I was a dancer, a hip hop and ballet dancer. It was my passion. So I hoped it make my career out of it by going to London to pursue my dreams. My friends were of course, a little bummed out, but I promised them we'd keep in touch.


Sammy was my best friend, although I just call her Sam, she stuck with me through my bitchy moments and my ranting sessions. She supported me through break ups and new relationships, so I wouldn't allow us to lose contact. I promised to write her everyday and Skype her.


Finally convincing myself that my black shorts, pink blouse and sloppy bun was worthy enough to go to school, I pranced downstairs, gave my father a kiss on the forehead, hugged my mom tightly and slapped the back of my brother's head. He reached out to grab me but I lurched away and grabbed an apple. "Be home soon!" I called as I left the house.


Jimmy, my older brother, goes to a community college called College of Dupage. He enrolled in a university here in the States, though, so he will be going there this year. My parents were more proud of his decision, because he wasn't leaving the country. But I was actually eager to leave. Pronto.


When I got to school, Sammy dearly jumped me as she linked arms with me. "I only have one week with you, Hailey. So, be prepared to be overwhelmed with Sammy's company!" She squealed. I chuckled, taking in her outfit. She wore a small white shirt, with a purple blouse. It made her hazel eyes stand out fiercely while her brown hair cascaded down her shoulders and framed her face. She was only an inch shorter than me but she was much prettier. She had faded freckles on her cheekbones and nose.


"Already excited for it." I whispered. Sam giggled and lead us to our first class. We sat in front, chatting about London, and some how she got into talking about hot celebrities. Then she told me I had to look out for Adele cause she was from London, same with One Direction who lives there now.


I made a mental note of it. If I see Adele, Sam would be the first to know. Because she would most likely jump on a plane and fly out to see me. Or well, Adele.


A guy named Jameson sat next to me and thumped my shoulder. "Yo, Carson." He grumbled. I rolled me head over to look at him, giving him a bored expression. James was the quarterback of the football team. The "most attractive guy in school". Oh shoot me.


"What?" I murmured with zero interest with what he has to say to me.


"Theres a party Saturday at my house. You should come." He volunteered. I looked over at Sam who rolled her eyes and shrugged.


"I can't, I'm going to London for the summer." I tried to look apologetic but I most likely failed at that. In all honesty, I didn't leave for London until Monday. But I seriously don't want to go this party or do anything big and celebratic before my flight. It's a depressing moment, knowing I won't be with my friends for three months. Then a few years after that. No party.


James didn't really seem to care. he turned and faced the front of the class. Then the teacher walked in and handed all of us a small piece of paper. I looked down at it, arching a eyebrow when i saw it was an address in London.


"Okay, since its our last day, I thought we'd do something fun. I went on Mapquest and selected random addresses from all around the world. I just gave you one. You will write to this person and hopefully you'll get a letter back." The teacher said and I actually thought it sounded fun. So I pulled out a piece of paper and quickly began to scribble down words.


A/N: Hey guys! This is my first movella :) I'm so excited to be able to write this story for you guys to read it, so please like, fav or even just comment. I want all of your support and I will continue with the next chapter really soon xx

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