One Direction One Shots

This is going to be random stories I write about One Direction. Each chapter is going to be a different story. Enjoy!


3. Zayn - The Park

*Zayn POV*

"Bye guys!" I yell over my shoulder before I leave the house. It's Saturday and extremely nice outside. It’s June and I started this thing where every Saturday I go it the park and draw for an hour or two. Your probably wondering how did this start?

Well, one day I was home alone and decided to go for a walk. I was walking through the park with my backpack on I had a sketch book and some pencils in it just in case I found something I wanted to draw. I was walking down the side walk it had benches on both sides zing zang. I past a older couple feeding the birds.

There were moms talking as their kids played on the playground. I stopped and sat on one of the benches and that’s when I saw this girl. Long brown wavy hair, she had on skinny jeans, a t-shirt, converses, and a jean jacket on. She was sketching something.

So I decide to draw her. She was beautiful. I end up there for two hours because that’s how long she stayed. When she left, I left, and when I got home Louis was amazed at my drawing. So I went back the Saturday and there she was. Sitting on the same bench sketching.

So I drew her again. I continued to come back. And she was anyways there. When she would leave either a friend would pick her up or a boy, which a assumed was her boyfriend because she would kiss him.

One day Harry asked me where I went every Saturday and why I was gone so long. So I told him. I wasn’t going to lie to one of my best mates.

After I finished telling him, he said I was in love or falling in love. I didn’t agree with him at first. He asked me to describe her for him. He said he wanted a better picture of her because I sketches were just black and white. So I did.

After I was done describing her, he said that I was in love again. “How can you tell?” I asked. The look in your eyes he answered. I was in love.

A couple days after my talk with Harry, I went back to the park at the same time I always do. But this time she was a little late and when she did show up, she was crying.

Her face was all red and puffy, plus there were tears streaming down her face, she dropped her bag and just stared straight ahead wiping tears away every second seconds. She didn’t stay nearly as long so I didn’t get to finish my sketch. I don’t think I ever finished that sketch to be honest.

When I got home that day I dropped my bag on the floor the same way she did and curled up and the couch. I was sad because she was sad.

Niall came in with a bowl of popcorn and stopped in his tracks when he saw me. I told him about her and he hugged me, then we just laid on the couch for the rest of the day. All the boys knew about her by then.

Now back to the present. I’m walking to the park. When I get the park I sit down, set my backpack down, pull out my sketch book, and start sketching away.

I look and see she drawing, then I look back down and sketch a couple things, then I look back up to see she walking up to me. “Hi.” She says waving a little.

“Hi.” I say not looking up.

“Um, I was wondering if you have a pencil sharper. I left mine at home.” She says holding up her broken pencil.

“Yeah, I think I have one, one sec.” I pick up my backpack and put it on my lap and start digging through it, I pull out my sharper, and hand it to her.

“Thanks.” She said a starts to sharper her pencil. I go back to sketching when I hear her ask, “Is that her girlfriend your drawing?”

“Um, no” I mumble.

“Oh, well, that’s really good.” She says handing back the sharper. “I’m Ava by the way.” She adds holding her hand out.

“Zayn.” I say shaking her handing.

“Zayn. I like that name.” She says.

“Thanks. I think Ava is a pretty name.” I say. She blushes.

“Thanks. Oh, by the way. I know that sketch is me.” She says, now it’s my turn to blush.

“Oh.” Is all I say.

“Is that why you come here every Saturday? To draw me?” She asks.


“Well I think it’s sweet, kinda creepy, but sweet.” She says sitting down next to me. “Why do you do it?” She asks.

“Because her pretty.” I say blushing. God this is embarrassing. She grabs my hands and pulls out a pen. Then starts writing something.

“Well, here’s my number. If you ever feel like drawing me. Just call.” She says then walks away. I jump up, shove my sketch book and my pencils. Then I ran all the way home.

By the time I got home I was out a breathe. I have my hands on my knees and my trying to catch my breath. “Zayn? What happened?” Liam asks patting my back.

“I got her number!” I yell holding up my hand.

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