One Direction One Shots

This is going to be random stories I write about One Direction. Each chapter is going to be a different story. Enjoy!


2. Nouis Toran - Starbucks

*Louis POV*

I'm waiting for Eleanor at Starbucks. She said she has something to tell me. I wonder what it is? Ding. I look at the door to see Eleanor standing there. She sees me and walks over to the table. "Hey babe." I say. I go to kiss her and she turns her head at the last second making me kiss her cheek instead.

"Louis, we need to talk." She says looking everywhere but at me.

"What do we need to talk about?" I ask, she finally looks at me with tears in her eyes.

"Louis, I'm sorry."

"Sorry about what? Eleanor? Why are you crying?"

"Louis, your a great guy. Your nice, sweet, and caring but, we need to break up."

"What? Why?" My vision starts to blur as the tears form in my eyes.

"Louis, I'm so sorry. I met someone." She says and starts to stand up.

"Wait, don't go." I whimper. Grabbing her wrist.

"Bye Louis." I sat back down and watched her walk away.

I walked out of the Starbucks. I really don't want to be alone right now. I can't go to Harry's because him and Zayn went out clubbing, Liam is out with Danielle, and Niall is with..... I'm going to Niall's.

Niall's house is only few blocks from Starbucks. Eleanor..... My vision gets blurry again. Great I'm crying again.

I finally get to Niall's flat and knock on the door.



*Niall POV*

I'm sitting on my couch flipping through the TV channels. I stop when I hear a knock on my door. What? I thought the lads were out? I didn't order pizza. Oh well. I open the door to see. "Louis?" His head flies up when I say his name. His light blue eyes are all red and puffy. "Louis? Have you been crying?" I ask.

Then he falls into my arms crying into my chest. I push the door closed with my foot and walk Louis to the couch. I sit down and Louis curls up at my side crying on my shoulder. I put my arm around his waist and put him close. I hate seeing Louis cry, he's just so beautiful. It's not are for him to cry. Yes. I did just call Louis beautiful. I'm gay. The boys know and their fine with it. I have a crush on Louis too. I mean come on. It's kinda hard not to. He's just so, perfect.

Seeing Louis sad makes me sad. He's still crying and I don't know why. Next thing I know I'm crying. Louis sniffles and hiccups then says, "N-Niall? Why a-are you c-crying?"

"Seeing you sad and crying makes me sad.' I say, Louis smiles.

"Aww Niall." He says and pokes my cheek and I start blushing.

"So. Why were you crying?" I ask, Louis face falls and he starts crying again.

"E-E-Eleanor broke u-up with m-me." I hug him.

"I'm so sorry Louis. Why did she break up with you? If you don't mind me asking."

"S-She said she f-found some else." Louis says and then hiccups.

"Oh. How about we watch a show." I say and start flipping through channels. I stop when I see How I Met You Mother is on. "Do you want to watch this Lou?" I ask looking at him to see he's already staring at me.

"You have really pretty eyes, Niall." I start blushing. "And you look adorable with you blush." He says.

"Thanks. Do you want to watch this?" I ask, he nods his head and sits up.


*Louis POV*

Me and Niall are sitting on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother and I've been staring at Niall. I know staring is rude but, he's just so adorable. Plus everytime he moves and touches my arm, shivers shoot through my arm and give me goosebumps. Maybe I'm bi. "Niall I think I'm bi." I say still staring at him. He turns his head and looks at me with his ocean blue eyes.


"Yeah, I've been thing about it and the more I think I know."

"Louis, that didn't make any sense to me."

"Well, I'm sorry I'm confusing." I say looking away from him.

"I'm sorry Louis. I'm happy you told me." He says putting his hand on my knee, sending tingles through my leg.

"Can we...." I trail off blushing at what I was going to say.

"Can we what?" Niall asked looking at me.

"I was going to ask if we could cuddle, but, then thought it'd be weird." I say blushing.

"Of course we can cuddle. Plus you look cute when you blush." I just hold my arms out and Niall lays into them. I rap my arms around him and sigh. "Why are you sighing Louis?"

"Oh nothing."

"Louis what is it?" Niall asks as he sits up and turns to faces me. I feel cold without him in my arms.

"Can I try something?" I ask Niall just nods his head. I move closer to him and close my eyes. I brush my lips accross his then full out kiss him. At first he's in shock then he starts kissing back. I push him back until his laying and lay on top of him as I kiss him. He runs his fingers through my hair making me moan. Then I pull back for air.

"Wow." Niall says panting. "Louis, I like you. A lot."

"I like you too, Niall"

"Louis, Would you be my boyfriend?" I peck his lips.

"Yes." He smiles wide and then kisses me.

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