One Direction One Shots

This is going to be random stories I write about One Direction. Each chapter is going to be a different story. Enjoy!


1. Harry - The Signing

*Harry POV*


Our car pulls up to the mall we're having our signing in. There are thousands of fans scearming, crying, and singing in the streets. They run by the car and hit the window screaming "I love you!" It's crazy. Me and the boys are at a signing in Kansas City. The guards are hodling the fans back. "Did you see that Harry? That girl just tried to jump over the fence!" Niall says.

"Nice." I look around Liam and Zayn are walking ahead of us.

"Oh shit!" I see Louis trying to get his arm out a death grip. Niall grabs my arm.

"You okay Niall?" He just shakes his head.


We get inside the mall and there are just as many fans inside. We go up to the tables and sit down. Then the fans come. "Harry I love you." The first girl that comes says.

"I love you too." Now she's screaming great. About a hundred fans later they stop and give us a little break. Then it's back to signing. One after another after another. Then I see the prettiests pair other blue eyes ever. "Hi, I'm Alex."


*Alex POV*


I can't believe I'm here. I am SO close to meeting One Direction. Jamie and I drove all the way here from Waterloo, Iowa. It was about a five hour drive. We have been waiting for hours and Jamie has been holding my hand the hole time. When she gets nervous she becomes a hands holder, then after that she squeezes.

"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Alex. We are about to meet One Direction! How does my hair look? What about my outfit? I don't have anything in my teeth, do I?"

"Jamie calm down. You hair and outfit look fine. You look adorable. There nothing in your teeth."


We walk up the table and Jamie starts squeezing my hand. "Oh my god, Harry Styles is looking at me. His looking at me." Harry looks up and sees Jamie freaking out then he looks at me and smiles. "Alex, Harry Styles just smiled at you."

We get up to the table and Jamie hands Harry her CD. "Hi, I'm Alex." I say and Harry smiles wider. Jamie squeezes my hand again.

"Alex it's Niall. Oh my god. He's even cuter in person."

"Oww, Jamie my hand." I drop my water bottle. I bent over to pick it up and Harry's face is right there. "Oh." I jump and hit my head on the table. Jamie is to starstruck over Niall to notice. She squeezes my hand even harder. "Jamie, Jamie, my hand-" Jamie then faints and seens she is holding my hand. As she falls over I come with her.


"Can someone help them! She fainted." Harry is yelling at the guards. I feel a pair of arms pick me up and carry me away.


*Harry POV*


Alex's friend fanited. I asked the guards to take them to the back room. Right when the signing was over I ran to the room. "Harry! Wait!" I hear Niall yell and now I hear foot steps behind me. I burst into the room and Alex jumps.

"Oh my god it's Harry Styles." Alex's friend says.

"Are you okay? You fainted back there." I ask, Niall walks into the room.

"Yeah I'm fine. Oh my god it's Niall Horan."

"Jamie, we know it's Niall. You don't have to anounce it." Alex says putting a ice pack on Jamie's head.

"Jamie, that's a pretty name." Niall says and sits on the chair next to Jamie.

"I swear if you get any closer I'm going to faint again." Jamie says to Niall making him laugh.

"If you do. Don't drag me with you this time." Alex says standing up.

"What? Drag you with me?" Jamie looks so confused.

"You were holding my hand when you fainted and when you fell over you took me with you." Alex crosses her arms look at Jamie.

"Oops, sorry." Jamie's face goes red. Nial grabs her hand and holds it. Jamie's eyes go wide.

Alex walks up to me and whispers in my ear, "I think we should leave them alone." I nod my head and we walk out of the room. I stop about halfway down the hallway and turn around. Alex runs right in my chest. "Oops, I'm so sorry." I stop her by putting my finger on her lips. I move my hand and caress her face.

Then I kissed her.

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