Hunting, Gathering, and everything inbetween. Im a dean. the poorest in the community. I will never be like the mayhems. They breathe money. I can barely afford some bread. I traded some berrys for a loaf once. But the baker said they were bittersweet. The point is, if i don't get the food, nothing gets put on the table. My sister and mother can't seem to get along, my mothers gone mental, and we can't afford medicine or a doctor. Life is Bittersweet.


1. Gathering

Dia's P.O.V

I woke up on the rock hard thin mattress i didn't mind that much, knowing i've been sleeping on it for 16 years. Ive is still sleeping, curled up to Ezzie. Mother isn't there. Seeing her empty mattress on the dark dim floor infuriates me. I go straight to the kitchen and unwrap the mint from its small birchwood container. I fry it on the gas stove. Great. no more gas. I yell to Ive, '' I'll be back in a second. make sure you close the blinds. Im going to buy some gas and go trade the dimble rocks for some eggs to cook in the mint.'' I heard a faint mumble which i took as a yes. I reached over to mother's grass purse and pulled out two silver coins. As i closed the door i remembered i needed to leave the key out for mother. i slowly slipped the copper key under the tulip in the neighbors yard, where i leave it every morning, hoping she'll come back soon.



Dia's P.O.V

At the woodshoppers castle (where they ironicly don't trade or sell wood) I asked for a jug of gas for the stove. ''Four silvers please'' He said as he placed it in a bag. I've done this before, it was no big deal. I placed the two silvers on the counter and ran with the jug of gas for the stove. I didn't hear anything from the man, Its a robbing mine there, and alot of deans steal from there. I don't steal all the time, only in rare cases. If your a dean, you only get 3 years of education. Stealing is terrible behavior, And the punishment is even worse. They starve you to death in a little room called the deans white. It has padding all over, That isn't any better than the mattress i sleep on. Considering that the padding is a good choice for the goverment. many deans who have gotten caught try to kill themselves in the deans white. Thats where the padding comes in. Hunting is also forbidden, for us deans. We aren't allowed to hunt. it's believed we can eat only dirty grain bread, and un-pure lake water, But i don't follow that rule. I was born a dean, since my mom and father were. Since im explaining my life story to you, I should add in that im walking to the black-market right now. Im going to trade my dimble rock for some eggs. Even though we aren't allowed to sell illegally in this town or community, Nobody follows this rule. I don't care either. I get a few sales for wild dog or chicken once and awhile. Im a skilled hunter. My bow is a sturdy metal, which i had the welder meld for free in exchange for 2 squirrels. As i approched the market gate, which was very well hidden underground, I jumped in the dark hole which led to the opening doors. Inside there was the highschool bad kids. They were only bad because they called everyone names and teased. I traded my rocks for some eggs, In a need to rush home, i ran as fast as i could before Ive noticed i was gone, I had told her, but that didn't mean she had to listen.

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