Original Poems


4. That One Night

It creeps in the corner of his mind
The thoughts of not being good enough
He looks at the razor
He knows he shouldn't, but he can taste it on his tongue
The voices are pulling him under

His body aches for the comfort he felt once before
The time stands still as he tries to numb his feelings...
Blood stains his bedroom floor
He feels as if this might be it

She enters his bedroom
Her love, covered in blood
She pulls him into her arms
His heart beating slow on her chest

She screams for help, but no one shows
Sirens scream from down the street
They rush in to save him
She has his blood on her hands

She runs after them
Pulling her back, she pushes forward
She sees him, fighting for air
Finally, he takes one last gasp

He's rushed to the hospital
She follows behind
Rushes through the door, not noticing anything around her
She finds where he is

Putting the life back into him, she watches
She is crying the blood off her hands
Once more, a gasp
She glances up

He coughs up blood
His life put back into his body
She rushes through the doors
He smiles at her, weakly

She looks at him with all the love she has
He tells her to come close
He whispers something into her ear
"I love you. Thank you for being my angel."

With tears streaming down her face, she responds
"I love you too."

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