Scream, Fly, Live

Why whisper what you can SCREAM??
Why walk when you can FLY??
Why die in the shadows when you can LIVE in the light??

SCREAM like you've never been shushed.
FLY like you've never been grounded.
LIVE like you've never lived before.



I'm the kind of girl that sits in the back of the class and never says a word,

You see, for me there's no point because I'll never be heard,

I just zone out in class, so other people's voices become blurred.

It's like I'm stuck in the nest and there in the sky as free birds.

I can't keep living like this because I'm losing my mind,

I'm trying to tell the world but they all seem to be blind,

I'm trying so hard but I can't seem to stop and rewind,

If I be myself, I'm scared of what others might find.

You know, ever since I was a child,

I knew, I was born to be wild.   (A/N: These are actually my lyrics!)


Scribbling the lyrics down in my song book, I looked at the clock.

"Allison! Stop tapping your foot and get back to classwork!" Screamed Miss Kier.

I stopped tapping my foot to the beat of my lyrics and the clock said 9:55. Yes! I'm out of here in 5 minutes.

* The bell finally rang and I dashed to pick up my stuff and put them away. I sped through the door and went to second period. Music. I loved Music. It's one of my favourite topics next to Art and Drama. Yeah, I love performing arts. Luckily, I got a place for an amazing college on a schlorship for next year. I know it's stupid moving to a new school for just three months but I had to move here. Just three more months of this place and then I get 6 weeks off to go to London and get ready. That's right. The college is in England which is quite far from my hometown in Australia. I mean, I live in England but most of my family are in Australia. My aunt took me in to go to school for a while and then I could start college because they thought it would be easier. But Brtish people are very posh compared to me so I was worried about what some people would say.

I'm definatley not posh, I mean I say "like" in my sentences way to much and I don't even know how to tie my shoe. Seriously, I can't tie my shoe. Mum tried to teach me but I failed miserably.

Humming to myself I sat back in my uncomfortable, green chair and put my legs up on the chair infont of me. Nothing was in this room apart from the bleak walls and rows of keyboards. Sweeping my dark brown hair across my back, my ice blue eyes notice a student. Boy, I sighed. Instanly, I looked down.

"Ah, Mr.Tomlinson, please come in and take a seat next to Miss.Stevens. Then we can continue." My eyes widened as Mr.Bonner said my last name. I pretended I hadn't heard. Honestly, I was hoping I wouldn't have to sit next to anybody because I don't like sharing my keyboard and I'm not good at meeting new people, it means I can reach less notes and can't play my favourite songs or get on with them very well. My thoughts were interupted when the boy known as Mr.Tomlinson tapped my shoulder.

"That's a really nice tune, you got any lyrics yet??" Mr.Tomlinson asked as he sat down in the chair next to me. I felt myself blush as I hadn't ever shown anyone my songs before. I looked up at him and noticed how handsome he was. Dark brown hair ruffled on the top of his head and his deep, green eyes stared into mine.

"Thanks and yeah I do, does Mr.Tomlinson have a first name??" I replied trying to avoid the subject of my music.

He put his hand out to my and I flinched because I thought he was going to hit me, "Oh sorry, I only meant for you to shake my hand. My name is Louis, and do you have a first name Miss.Gorgeous??" He winked playfully and spkoe poshly as I had expected.

"Nice to meet you Louis, I'm Allison but call me Alice."

"Ok Ally-gator, lets get to work," He chuckled.


"Yeah I know I'm cute, and an Aussie, hot." He replied smirking and winking.

We got to work. laughing and flirting. Smiling to myself about how this boy I just met is so sweet and I could really become friends with him. I had so many questions for him but I didn't want to scare him away. Surprisingly, Louis was actually really good on the keyboard and we kind of worked at each others pace. Half way through I forgot he was there and started playing my own song called Real me, as he stopped playing and turned to look at me. Getting lost in the music I found myself softly singing the words:

I'm a bird that's learning to fly,

Up in the sky, now so high,

So it's time to stand out,

Break away and be free,

And be the real me!

Be the real me!

And be the real me!

Be the real me!        (A/N: Also my lyrics!)

I slowly finished the song and dasped when I turned to notice him with his mouth hanging open and his eyes popping out of his head. I turned away scared because of what he might say to me. This is why I don't like people sitting next to me!

"I'm sorry! I shouldn't have! I know it's really bad but I just got carried awa-" I started but I got cut off by Louis.

"Shut up! That was... Wow... amazing! That will be the best song ever (haha) in the future! Did you write this yourself??" I simply nodded amazed at his reaction, I never thought someone would act like this. But Louis seemed to cut off my thoughts agian! He does that alot! "Would you like to have lunch with me and my friends?? I mean If you want to! You don't have to, it's just-"

This time I cut him off, staring into his eyes, "Yeah, of course I would love too!"




We walked out of music together and went into the lunch hall. Quickly, he grabbed my hand so I wouldn't get lost through the crowds of people. As we slowly approached a table, with four other boys on it, he let go of my hand. Secretly, I wish he hadn't let go. Louis sat down and I slowly sat down next to him. The four other boys were staring at me and Louis, I felt very uncomfortable and looked at Louis for comfort. Noticing the worried look on my face, he broke the silence.

"Hey guys, this is Ally-gator but you can call her Alice." He smiled and winked at me. I got a series of "Heys" and I just smiled and raised my hand. But I saw the boys looking at my wrist and I quickly remembered and pulled my sleeve down.

"Alice this is-" Louis started to explain who everyone was but  a boy with very curly hair and emerald green eyes.

"Love, I'm Harry Styles but you can call me yours." He smirked and Louis hit him on the arm.

A blonde boy on the other side of me said, "I'm Niall, do you have any food??" I chuckled at his humor and cute Irish accent.

"Sorry about him, he's always hungry. I'm Liam," Liam said, his hair was shorter than the other boys, it was shaved at the sides but had spikes on the top of his head.

The final boy looked up from his phone and replied, "Vas happenin'?? Zayn here."

"G'day mate!" The boys stared at me with there mouths hanging open. I don't think they was expecting that voice to come from me.

Suddenly, Harry smirked and almost yelled, "AN AUSSIE! THAT'S SO HOT!"

Extremely quickly, I looked down trying to hide my blush, when all of the boys hit is arm. Louis shouted, "Harry, shut the feck up!"

"Sorry Tommo, but I can't help the fact she is beautiful, hot, and aussie!" Harry continued in a whisper, "being an aussie makes you even hotter by the way!" He winked. I chuckled and kept down again. I can't help but think that I might become very good friends with these guys...


A/N: Hey Guys, I really want to thank you for reading this. Hoped you really enjoyed it! Leave comments, like, and favourite! Let me know what you think! 5 comments for the next chapter! Peace ~ MemoryLane xox






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