my girl...not your's

An average 18 year old Amber Finchino goes to every night club in town everyweek end and only does 'one night stands'... so she thinks. will she meet a famous person out of one famous boy band? will she fall in love? or will she never meet him again? read to find out.


2. shopping mall!

Ambers pov:


I quickly hopped into my red Audi_TT and started the engine, i reversed out of my drive way and down the narrow road. I recieved a message from Rochelle ~hey where are you, your coffee is going cold~ I instantly texted back ~nearly there, just got in the car~ (i live near the mall so it was a really quick drive) I parked my car in the car park and got out. My phone was going off so i got it out of my pocket and answered it.


r: where are you going, to Australia?

m: haha so funny, im coming inside the mall now. chill ya bones man!

r: well hurry up ive had to buy like ten coffes already

m: your so clever with your sarcasm aren't you? little miss sarcasm


The line ended and I put my phone back in my coat pocket, and walked into Starbucks. I looked around and saw my three idiot friends sat in the cornered booth. I started walking up to them and sat down, they were really excited about something and i was really confused. ~what are you's so excited about?~ then Machaela spoke up ~well its nothing big, just that ONE DIRECTION ARE IN OUR TOWN FOR A WHOLE 5 MONTHS!~ ~OMFG NO WAY~ oh and i forgot to mention that im a HUGE one direction fan! I quickly got up and started to run to Forever 21. All the girls were shouting me, but i needed something nice to wear just incase we bumped into them at the nighclub tonight. Looking around the shop for about ten or fifteen minuted the others came in and saw what I was looking at

   ~wow~ was all that they said. I got it and went to look at the shoe isle and found these!

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