my girl...not your's

An average 18 year old Amber Finchino goes to every night club in town everyweek end and only does 'one night stands'... so she thinks. will she meet a famous person out of one famous boy band? will she fall in love? or will she never meet him again? read to find out.


4. party time!!

Amber pov:


We waited in the long line for about ten minutes and we were eventually at the front. The bouncer asked for our ID and money to get in, we passed him the money and walked off. I turned around and saw him give me a wink, EWW that was gross: he was bald and he looked in his mid-fortys. As soon as we passed the bar I felt anxious but I seriously don't know why! We ordered a round of shots and started downing them all, it burned our throats so we pulled funny faces. Immediately we started a conversation on who's face was the funniest, "omg Machaela's face was like she ate camel balls!" I proclaimed shouting.


Eventually we all agreed Rochella's was the best so we all went to the dance floor and started dancing. I felt hands on my waist but I really could care whose they were so I just kept on swaying. My friends were pulled in different directions so I couldn't see them anymore. Then a hot breath was brushed against my ear sending chills down my spine. "wanna drink?" the person behind me asked, he had a thick accent and I swear I could tell that voice from anywhere. I was all of a sudden frozen, I felt like I couldn't move! Behind me was the person I thought I would never see...


////comment who you think is standing behind her!!////



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