my girl...not your's

An average 18 year old Amber Finchino goes to every night club in town everyweek end and only does 'one night stands'... so she thinks. will she meet a famous person out of one famous boy band? will she fall in love? or will she never meet him again? read to find out.


6. getting to know her

Zayn's pov:


I was laughing so bad I think I was nearly close to crying, its just she was so clueless and it made her even more beautiful and funny. When I had eventually stopped laughing I had one major question that I would like to ask her "So Amber, do you have a boyfriend?" She looked like she was shocked for some reason but answered "No, what about you?" I knew she already knew thhe answer but tried playing it cool, "No, not yet!" I whispered the last part to me but I think she heard it. "So who is this girl, that's 'not yet' yours?" Seriously, it wasn't that hard to guess. I chuckled to myself then answered "Well her name is Amber, she's really pretty!" "omg I'm called Amber. What a coincidence!" She was really dumb, but I found it so funny. "Yeah I'm glad that you've remembered your name. However I don't know her age yet. Tell me yours..." She stuttered for a moment then replied "Well, I'm urhh... eighteen years old. OMG you mean me!" A smirk plastered on my face and I laughed a little that she had only just caught on. It looked like she was really surprised by this, but from what Ally told me. She was a really big Directioner also had taken a liken towards me, so from what I could tell she was doing... She looked like she was fan girling a lot so I decided to calm her down. "Well yeah. Anyways would you like your drink now? It's been standing there for a while now." She quickly took her drink with her right hand and started to drink some. The face she pulled when it went down her throat was hysterical, I laughed a little until she proclaimed "Its not that funny Malik." "Or so you can remember my name but not your own. By the way it was actually SO funny, however that's not fair. I don't know your last name so I can't call you anything.!?" "Finchino, you do know you could've just called me Amber." So I can sense she likes being sarcastic. "Well whatever, want to dance?" I asked her changing the subject, she answered with a quick "sure" before I pulled her toward the dance floor. I remembered about twenty minutes ago we were here and she was grinding on me however she was barely moving. "Can't do what you were doing before? Such a shame because I was actually enjoying it." I pulled a pouting face and she giggled to herself. Suddenly the drink must've got to her because she started dancing around pulling me with her and as soon as she touched her I felt sparks fly through my arm make me shiver. Do I have feelings for her?

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