my girl...not your's

An average 18 year old Amber Finchino goes to every night club in town everyweek end and only does 'one night stands'... so she thinks. will she meet a famous person out of one famous boy band? will she fall in love? or will she never meet him again? read to find out.


3. getting home and dressing up!!!

Since we got back from the shopping mall my friends wouldn't stop talking about One Direction and the possibilitys of meeting them tonight. I mean we go to every nightclub in town and I can garuantee that its a highly risk that theyll go to the same one as us. I did only pick the nicest dress and the highest shoes to stand out if they did come, but now when I think about it, its most rare that they'll spot me out infront of all the other girls. When we got to my house, we got into the shower (obviously different ones since i have three bathrooms) and got dressed. I could smell all the shampoo's we had used to get our hairs extremely soft. I also done everyones make-up before mine since I'm a Beautician they all get me to do theirs whilst I wait to do my OWN. Eventually we were all ready and dressed up for tonight and we looked H.O.T, we all had picked different outfits because if we wore the same that would just been weird you know? All of us had a snack before we all went in my car and drove there. I have seriously never been this excited before in my whole entire life, not just because One Direction are here in the town but also I have a mega crush on Zayn, he just has those big eyes and eyelashes that make me weak in the knee's. Once we arrived there my stomach started doing backflips and I know that there is something and someone in this club, i can feel it.


/////// please comment on what you think might happen, I will update soon!!

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