my girl...not your's

An average 18 year old Amber Finchino goes to every night club in town everyweek end and only does 'one night stands'... so she thinks. will she meet a famous person out of one famous boy band? will she fall in love? or will she never meet him again? read to find out.


8. alive

Zayn's POV:


I was thinking really hard about whether I do or not. Suddenly her angelic voice rang through my ears "Zayn, you okay? You seem a little distant." Oh god she noticed I was day dreaming! How embarrassing? "Or yeah I'm fine thanks for asking, just thinking about something." "And would it be rude if I asked you what you were thinking about?" Right! How am I meant to say 'oh just that I might have feelings for you'? Okay just play it cool. "Urm just that... Oh look here comes Alainer!" Just in time as well I thought, I probably wouldn't of told her anyways but hey ho! "Come on, Im sorry to depart you and mister lover boy but it's time for us to go!" Amber blushes bright red at the comment she just said. "Ok. Urm so whats happening now?" Be calm!!! "Well here's my number" I said whilst taking my card out of my pocket. "Just text me anytime and we can meet up. Okay?" "Yeah, I've just texted you so you can save my number. But you text me because I don't know when your free or not!" She explained while putting her phone back in her pocket. I just gave a simple nod and then replied, "so, shall I walk you out?" "only if you want I mean you don't have...." I cut her off by kissing her on the lips "Its fine! Its not like I'm gonna get killed or something." Amber just remained silent, me Amber and Alainer started walking out of the club. Once we were outside I turned Amber around and said "I'll text you tomorrow, and I promise I won't forget!" I quickly pulled her in for a hug and pecked her forehead. Right now to be honest, I don't really feel alive!

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