the meet up

Dan Lewis M.A.D


1. DanLewis

Im on the way to the meet up, I'm finally getting the chance to meet Michael, dan and aiden. I love all 3 of the boys so much but dan, well let's just say I fancy dan. 

4HRS later:

This is it, after waiting all this time, I'm finally next in line to meet the boys. 

Dans POV: 

"boys check her out" I said while pointing to the hot blonde walking towards us. 
Aiden replied with "she seems to like you dan"

I smiled at her as she walked towards me with her arms held out for a hug, she smiled back and I hugged her while whispering in her ear "you should wait for me when everyone else has gone" 
she looked back at me with a cheeky grin on her face saying "sure dan" 
Then turned to aiden and Michael while I saw to the next fan. 

1HR later:


I'm stood at the other side of the shop with a few friends, everyone's starting to leave and dan begins walking towards me, I tell my friends to wait for me out side. Dan asks "shall we go somewhere more privet?" I take his hand and lead him to the storage room. He hurrys me in with his hands on my ass, I shut the door behind us and he presses me up agains the wall holding my hands above my head pressed against the wall while kissing me seductively. I let out a deep breath as he works his way down to my neck while slowly moving his hands down my body and up my top, he strokes my stomach softly then slowly removes my clothes,first my top then my bra. He bends down slightly while working my body with his hands as I run my hands through his hair, he begins sucking my boobs, I let out a quiet moan. He takes of my pants and sits me on a shelf, he spreads my legs, placing one hand round my back and one hand between my legs while kissing me at the same time. I moan loudly as he plays with my hot spot. He then slowly inserts a finger, I let out a loud moan while placing my arms on his shoulders and my hands at the back of his head,I clench my fist grabbing his hair as he moves his finger around gently touching each wall in side me, he slowly removes his finger as I came all over his hand, he inserts a second, I moan loudly yet again, he smiles, knowing that he's got me just where he wants me, he removes his fingers from inside me and takes of his pants as I take of his top, he pulls me closer as I rap my legs around him I feel his bulge as he begins to rise,I take of his boxers and he lifts my of the shelf slightly while placing his penis inside me, I let out a loud moan as I pull his hair, he grunts at first then just ignores it and carries on. I moan continuously as he gradually gets faster. I'm about to reach my climax and so Is he, he begins to groan and get harder, then he came in side me. He pulls me closer and places his lips firmly against mine for the last time, he kisses me passionately then pulls away, takes his things and leaves without saying a word, he just leaves me there with a piece of paper that has his number written on it.   

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