Fog Over Her Dreams

In Luetheyal, Lilly is given the task of guarding the king, Edwards. Lilly during a battle, loses her brother as he is kidnapped by some cunning and devious mortals. Its her dream to go and rescue Michael. But as Luetheyal faces war, she is detained and has to protect the king. She's torn apart from choosing between whether she should rescue her brother or save the most important person in Luetheyal. In the end she discovers some buried secrets that change her life..................


1. The Dreaded Starting Of All This

Lilly rushed into the tunnel, her breath heavy and her forehead damp with sweat. She looked around, capturing her surroundings in those sharp eyes. It was almost twilight and the last of the Sun's rays crept in, faintly lighting the entrance. Beyond, Lilly could see the endless darkness threatening to envelop her. Suddenly Lilly stumbled on some wires. Bending to her knees she felt something hard and cold metal stung her hand. She sucked in a breath. It was a railway line.

That's when Lilly realized that something was wrong. He wasn't there. Almost five minutes must have passed upon Lilly entering the tunnel. If on schedule, he should have been here now. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps echoed through the tunnel and Lilly stiffened and a shiver went down her spine. But luckily, no one was entering through this side of the tunnel. Probably the other side.

Something struck Lilly and she gasped in astonishment and held the slimy, moss covered wall of the tunnel for support.

The mortals hadn't................... Had they?

Oh! Those cruel mortals in those stupid multicoloured suits and shades. Slowly, hugging the shadows of the tunnel, Lilly, as sly as a fox, moving towards the gaping hole, marking the entrance of the tunnel. The grass luckily muffled her footsteps, so she hurriedly ran out into the twilight. To get to the far exit of the cave, she had to run around the whole hill and that would waste precious time.

Lilly slowly observed the exterior walls of the tunnel. It was smooth signifying that it was artificial but thank the Gods, there were some handholds. Gripping the handhold, Lilly swung herself up in the air and supported herself on her hands. Apparently all those gym workouts at the University were worth it. Cameron would be proud. Her feet dangling in the air, Lilly stretched her hand to a handhold that was a feet away. Lily's finger scraped the jagged end of a rock, opening a line of red.

Determinedly she forced her body up and she reached the handhold, her hand on the edge. After a few painful minutes, she victoriously reached the top, her hand bloody and her face contorted in pain, pink with pain. The Sun had already set and left just a few dark golden rays lingering in the sky.

Crawling on her knees, she started crawling along the edge. The tunnel was long and it slowly ascended, so it was even more difficult. It seemed like an hour before she reached the end. There he was! Standing with a burly man with beefy arms that could twist her in a matter of minutes. She could see his head, his tousled brown hair.

"Michael" she whispered. 


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