It all began the day Joanne Wilson ran away from the orphanage. Surviving alone is not an easy task. Joanne spends many horrible days fending for herself when she chances upon a mirror and has to find a girl who owns the other side. Did she no it was enchanted and dangerous? No, so she pockets it and strange things happen. Demons attack. Even Chlora herself tries to destroy Joanne and Tressa. Cam Joanne survive?


1. Life at the Orphanage

It was raining. In the orphanage, Joanne Wilson sat on the cold sheets arranged on the bed, the fire in the dusty fireplace was just a tiny flame. It was biting cold and the nightgown and the worn-out sweater were no good at all. The raindrops pattered the window pane. The smell of the watered and nurtured Earth...... Oh! How pleasant it was. Raising the cold, glass window, Joanne spread out her hand. A few beautifully, cold raindrops shone on her hand. It was a full moon and the light from the joyous moon and twinkling stars illuminated the whole place in a silvery white glow.

               All this beautiful nature did not improve Joanne's life. She was still stuck in this horrible orphanage, her life empty and desolate. Sadness overpowered her leaving her no room for happiness. How cruel of her parents to leave her here? She always thought. She was suffering so much. No love. No compassion. No care. Joanne just got a few stone hearted glares from Nurse Drew. The maximum Nurse Drew did for her was to read a few bedtime stories when she was afraid or feed some tasteless soup when she was sick.

                   Sighing, Joanne stared into the darkness. This thought had crossed her mind a million times but she was fearful that she would not survive alone. Nurse Drew used to tell her that the hardships you face in the outside world were numerous and it was really difficult to live on the streets, all alone. But if Joanne were to leave the orphanage she would all the little luxuries she had behind. But what did Joanne have to leave behind? A horrible life.

                   The thought of spending almost five years made her shudder. Joanne wasn't ready, ready to survive alone and fend for herself. But she didn't have a choice. It was final. Joanne was going to run away from the orphanage. She couldn't stand it any longer. A flicker of hope burned inside her and lightened up her darkened heart. She could lead a better life, away from the orphanage. She could start anew. Striding across the room, Joanne picked up the court hanging from the peg and picked up a small package from the cupboard and tucked it in her coat.

                        Opening the door creakily, Joanne stood in the dark corridor with a dim light bulb illuminating a set of stairs. The stairs to freedom, leading away from the orphanage to the outside world. Wrapping the coat tightly around her, Joanne set her face resolutely to meet the outside world. The world she had dreamed of exploring.


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