It all began the day Joanne Wilson ran away from the orphanage. Surviving alone is not an easy task. Joanne spends many horrible days fending for herself when she chances upon a mirror and has to find a girl who owns the other side. Did she no it was enchanted and dangerous? No, so she pockets it and strange things happen. Demons attack. Even Chlora herself tries to destroy Joanne and Tressa. Cam Joanne survive?


2. Freedom......... At Last

The thin, fragile door blocked Joanne's way out to freedom. Suddenly something flashed with twinkling green light that caught Joanne's eye. It was a freaking alarm. Joanne wanted to scream out in frustration. Seriously? She cursed under her breath. The orphanage had an excellent security system and they did not care for the orphans. The audacity! Anger filled Joanne. She couldn't get past the door without triggering the alarm but she wanted to do it. Real bad!

She just had to make a run for it. She had no other option. Joanne took a deep breath and reassured herself that this was for her best. She didn't want to sit sulking in the orphanage in the orphanage regretting this day. Taking a deep breath, Joanne ran and opened all the locks, slowly inching the door to open, a rather piercing sound filled the room. In a few minutes or so the whole orphanage would be awake and Nurse Drew would arrive. 

This was it! The moment!

Joanne opened  the door completely and a gust of cold wind almost blasted her off her feet. Joanne could see the marshy and dusty driveway that was damp from the rain. It was still raining, quite heavily. The shuffling of feet got closer and Joanne stiffened. She had to make the decision. Joanne had made up her mind. The poor girl sprinted down the driveway when Nurse Drew appeared at the base of the stairs . Joanne unfortunately slipped into a muddy puddle which costed her a few precious seconds. Eww......... Her worn out jeans had become muddy, well it would eventually dry in course of time.

By the time, she regained her balance, Nurse Drew's looming figure had appeared and a strong hand griped Joanne's shriveled one. Nurse Drew glared at her but Joanne wouldn't look at her. Joanne's mind was racing, She had to escape. She needed too.

Joanne jumped into the muddy puddle again and this time the water splashed all over Nurse Drew too. Nurse Drew instinctively released her grip to wipe the mud off her face and dress. And that's when Joanne sprinted for it. She ran like it was a life or death situation. She could hear Nurse Drew yelling her name but she turned a deaf ear and seemed too far and distant. 

The wind whipped past her face and the rain made her shiver but Joanne ran. She was thoroughly wet and covered in mud too. She wasn't a pretty sight but right now? Joanne didn't care. The gates of the orphanage were two feet away...... one feet............ Joanne quickly pushed open the rusting metal gates and swiftly ran into a side alley which seemed desolate ,occasionally glancing back to see if Nurse Drew was following her. Joanne stopped for a second because her legs feet all wobbly due to all the running. Her breath was heavy and she was exhausted from the energy she had put into the running.

Joanne slowly  walked a few more streets away from the orphanage. She couldn't do it. She was tired and hungry. The meal in the orphanage was not that filling. In a side street. Joanne collapsed on the wet pavement biting back tears, water from the rain dripping from her soaked hair.


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