My poetry

Hi guys, I know movellas are meant for writing books, but I decided to do my peoms instead :)
I just kinda wanna see what people will think, etc and this was the best thing I could think off :)
Please don't be affraid to enjoy ;)


3. You don't even notice

I look you dead in the eyes 
And I smile 
I play with my hair and bite my lip 
Sometimes I lean on you or nudge you a bit
You think it's just a game 
You think I'm like that with everyone 
But have you ever really looked at the way I am with everyone else? 
I don't lean on just anyone 
I don't just bite my lip randomly because it might taste good 
I do these little things to try and get your attention 
And tbh I don't think it's working 
Because if it was
I would have kissed you by now 
But instead I'm just wasting my time on someone who won't ever care enough to notice 



this his poem was used for the blurb in my other movella :) 


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