My poetry

Hi guys, I know movellas are meant for writing books, but I decided to do my peoms instead :)
I just kinda wanna see what people will think, etc and this was the best thing I could think off :)
Please don't be affraid to enjoy ;)


4. The beautiful girl that was killed on the inside

Shed kept her head up and she would smile. 
She would respect herself and other people, she would never do anything she knew she'd regret. 
She'd try to have conversations, but people would blow her off. 
Acting like they wouldn't wast their time on her. 
People would make her awfully sad. 
Make her think she wasn't good enough. 
Even the people she loved most seemed to hurt her. 
The things they'd do and say would hit her harder than anything in the world. 
Sometimes, the things people wouldn't do would hurt her just as much. 
She was sad. 
She couldn't make anyone happy just by being herself. 
She had to change. 
She had to do something for herself. 
Something to make herself happy while being around the people that secretly hated her. 
She didn't have enimies. 
She just wasn't liked. 
And that's what kills a beautiful girl. 
It kills her on the inside. 

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