all started with hi

hi my names brooke and im 17 i met, fell in love and started goig out with justin he goes to my school but then find out he is keeping secrets from me


12. who do i take?

"yay" she said excitedly. "ok lets get started!" "yea, umm Abi who do i take?" "look at me, most popular girl here, anyone will go with u if i tell them i will kiss them" we giggled a bit coz of how she said it, like in a babie doll way. "ok but umm how u gonna talk to them if ur not t school?" i have hot guys numbers, duhh" we giggled again then Abi started going though her contacts and i was looking at ic of really hot guys that went to my school "man they're hot, but not at hot as justin of course" Abi looked at me and nodded. finally after 1 hour i picked a guy, jordan lockwood, he had blonde hair with blue eyes pretty skinny and tall. we called hi ad he said yea and would be around at 7:30pm.


getting ready, 

i didnt know wat to wear but Abi helped me




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