all started with hi

hi my names brooke and im 17 i met, fell in love and started goig out with justin he goes to my school but then find out he is keeping secrets from me


4. meeting Abigail


i walked into the toilets and herd 2 girls talking though out the cubicles "he is so hot!" "i know Maddie he is pretty cute eye? but its more than that with Justin he i sweat and kind and a cute boyfriend " i turned on the water and they came out, this girl with dark brown hair and greens eyes just like me but a tiny bit shorter said "stay away from Justin he is my boyfriend OK" "OK" i replied then she gave me a disgusting look and pushed me over, they started walking away. i washed my face a bit more and then went back to class, but when i went back there was no one in the class, i checked my books and saw that is was time for dodge ball so i ran to the gym.


i got there in my sports clothes just in time for the game "Brooke, is it?" "yea" "ur on Justin's team" "ok" i ran over to Justin's side and we started the game. all though the game Abigail was targeting me but i just came from a school where all we did was play dodge ball so i can dodge, soon it was just Justin and i on our team and Abigail and Maddie on the other team, Abigail throw all her dodge balls at me but she didnt hit even once then Justin aimed for Maddie and got her out, Abigail aimed for Justin but missed i ran a chucked a dodge ball as hard as i could and got her out! our team won everyone was celebrating !!!the bell went for recess and it was like a seeing 67 monkeys jumping for the very last banana it was crazy!



i walked out of class and started walking alone i probs looked like a loner but then justin started talking to me "hey brooke" "hey justin, um may i ask u a personal question?" "um ok" " why r u with Abigail?" "well the truth is, WAIT WHAT?me and Abigail aww i could vomit she is my half sister!" " i herd her say that u were her boyfriend " " yea i am her cute big bro, she just calls me her boyfriend coz she cant be bothered going around saying 'a friend thats a boy'," "well doesnt it bother u?" "no coz people know that she is my half sister so they bring it up" " oh sorry then" " dont worry about it, come with me i have something to show u" ' he too me to the gardens and wow it looked amazing "wow" "u like it?" "yea but y did u bring me here?" " coz ur socks say i love flower gardens and i helped make this one so i wanted to show u" " i knew it would be a good idea to wear these, lol" we both giggled a tiny bit. we started walking and talking about random stuff like going out tonight, oh wait thats wat i wanted him to ask me actually this is something like wat we were talking about, funny and embarrassing moments and man has Justin had alot, lol.


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