all started with hi

hi my names brooke and im 17 i met, fell in love and started goig out with justin he goes to my school but then find out he is keeping secrets from me


11. im sorry,forgive me?

i got home crying,

i ran to my bedroom and sat in my bed crying and crying thinking of justin and that girl.

suddenly i got a message, its from justin should i read it? i decided to read it and it said 'look brooke im so sorry about that girl. at least let me explain myself? meet me in our usual place at 4:30pm. and the girl that u saw her name was Jackie' i kept reading her name over and over again, Jackie, Jackie her name was so familiar but i just couldnt think of it. then it came to me, the 2 most popular girl in school, after Abi of course. i started crying even more, i wsnt good enough for justin so he had to date a babie doll type.


i wrote a message back to justin 'justin if im not good enough for u then im sorry u had to date barbie behind my back' i got a message back straight away 'u r good enough for me in fact i am amazed im good enough for u, and i am not dating her just meet me and i will explain' i read the text and wrote back 'fine but somewhere more private then there'  since where he wanted to meet me was where we had our 1st date, the movies. ' ok where then?' i wrote back 'umm maybe the beach' i know that wasnt really private but at night it would be better 'at night though' i wrote to justin, he wrote back '8pm?' 'ok u pick me up though' 'alright bye' 'bye, justin' it was starting to sound like a date, but i dint want to drive all the way to the movies at 4 so i tricked him into picking me up and taking me somewhere romantic.


i called abi and told her wat was happening and she said to take someone with me like a guy, i didnt know if i should though. i herd my door ell ring it was only 5pm so it wasnt justin. i herd my dad opening the door "Abi, brookes just in her room" it was Abi probs gonna try to get me to take a guy with me to the beach, she came up to my room and hugged me. "so who ya gonna take" she said straight away, she is a bit annoying like that but she is always fun to hang out with, like we have the best sleep overs, anyway back to wat she asked me "umm no one" she looked at me confused "y?" "coz Abi this is so he can sort stuff out with me" "look knowing him he is gonna take Jakie to sort this out" i looked at her, in the way like REALLY and she nodded knowing wat i was thinking. "ok lets get me a date" i said sadly but happily, "yay" she screamed excitedly. 


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