all started with hi

hi my names brooke and im 17 i met, fell in love and started goig out with justin he goes to my school but then find out he is keeping secrets from me


8. i cant handle this...

3 days later:

i got to school and saw Maddie she is hanging with jake again, i dont c y she likes him so much like he was dreamy but now he is just a bully that doesnt care about anyone except for himself. i still like him a tiny bit but eva since he became a bully i just dont know anymore, i have mixed emotions about him and dot know how to sort them out.


*being pushed to the ground* i felt my head hit the ground and someone laughing, it was jake he pushed me over omg was he anoying like that "haha brooke watch where ur going" "umm it was sorta u who deliberately ran into me to make me look bad..." i herd some people talking in the back ground as he looked around, he hesitated to talk but finally he came out with "well maybe if u weren't standing there i wouldnt of deliberately ran into u" he made it out to be like that was a really good comeback but i just walked away crying.


i am so sick and tired of this, i cant handle this, he was my best friend and if he is gonna do this then i really dont care anymore about him, i just want him to stop.


i walked up to where justin was and as i turned the corner i saw him with another girl so i stepped back to watch, he as hugging her and kissing her, saying she was his everything. i gasped the started running as fast as i could crying even harder then before. how could he do this to me, we were together he was the only one i could trust and be with besides Abi of course. i ran into Abi and she saw me crying "what wrong?" she asked worriedly "Justin" i started crying even harder "what did he do?" "HE, HE IS CHEATING ON ME!" she stepped back a tiny bit to try to try to sort out if i was telling the truth when she realized i was she started crying with me "jow could he do this to u?" i didnt answer and we just walked to the toilets.

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