all started with hi

hi my names brooke and im 17 i met, fell in love and started goig out with justin he goes to my school but then find out he is keeping secrets from me



in the toilets i told Abi not to talk to justin about this coz i wanted to sort this out by myself


after hours of crying i finally decided to go to justins house to talk about this. as i drove up to his drive way i put my makeup on over my cry marks so he wouldnt notice and realized how big his house looked like it always looked big coz it was, but to me every time it was bigger.


i walked up to the door and rang the door bell, justins mum answered and said "Brooke wat a great surprise, its lovely to have u here again!" "its great to be here Mrs Bieber" its always awesome to talk to her, *note a bit of sarcasm*. "well just go up to justins room then" she said pointing up the stairs. i walked up the stairs slowly wondering wat i was gonna say wat would happen, i hit justins door with my head on accident and he opened the door. i looked at him and started crying i couldnt hold it in


"brooke wats wrong?" i wanted to hug him so badly but wat he did to me was unforgivable, "i need to talk justin, shut the door and sit on the bed" he did as i said and sat on the bed "wats wrong?" "justin, i, i saw u with another girl" "yea i always hang out with girls" "i know but this time u told her that she was ur everything, like wat u said to me" he looked at me and started crying too. "im so sorry brooke" he got up to hug me but i wasnt going to just fall into his arms like it was all ok  "y wont u hug me?" "coz i dont feel like it, but is she ur everything?" he looked down wanting to say the truth but all he came out with was a lie "no, u r i dont love her at all"


justins pov,

when brooke came into the room i wasnt expecting she was gonna start talking about the girl i was with, when she asked if the girl i was with was my everything i wanted to say the truth i wanted to tell her everything but all i cam out with was a lie, she new i was lying and she slammed the door and ran down stairs i saw her go out the front door and i ran after her screaming "BROOKE" about 25 times but by the time i was outside she already had left.


i just dropped still crying watching her drive away thinking 'y, y did i do this to her?'.


brookes pov,

i got into my car and herd justin calling my name in pain but i had to go, i drove away and saw him drop to the ground crying really hard but i kept driving.

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