all started with hi

hi my names brooke and im 17 i met, fell in love and started goig out with justin he goes to my school but then find out he is keeping secrets from me


7. continuing chapter 5

brookes pov,

he walked up to me and i really wanted to ask him now but its not he right time maybe at lunch, we started walking into school talking about random stuff, we walked into one of my newly made friends Abigail yes i know wat ur thinking she hates u like wat the heck but sinse she has seen how happy we r together she likes me ad we r really good friends, we have alot in common actually we both love shopping, justins hair cute boys and many things more "oh hey Abigail" justin said before hugging her, "hey guys wats up anything new? u going out yet?" "soon hopefully" me and justin said at the same time we looked at each other and realized we were gonna ask each other out "well u do it justin!ur the guy" said Abi (Abigail) he then started to speak "ahh this is my 1st time but here it goes, brooke is it ok if u come to the movies with me today after school?" "defiantly justin" we both hugged each other, he was gonna kiss me and i so wanted to kiss him but he decided not to, we both looked at each other in regret but there was nothing we could do, the bell we went and we had to quickly run to class



its time for maths so we all ran to maths class, i was a boring lesson coz all we were doing was having a times tables test, easy i am such a math magician, we got given a sheet and 30 mins to complete it but i finished it in 15mins, 3 pages in 15 mins, i cant exactly say when justin finished but i think he finished 5 mins after me and was 3rd to finish, is was soon the end of maths so i was about to walk to science when i felt a strong nudge to my shoulder "y were u in my way loser?" " im sorry Maddie..." she looked at me and then slapped me, i started walking and i felt a punch hit my jaw and it started bleeding, "haha get a life loser" he then i noticed it was Jake a bot that i knew in primary coz he did live in New York like me, he was pretty awesome and we were good friends but now he has charged and he is just a bully. he giggled a tiny bit coz he thought that was awesome or something but it wasnt, he went for another punch but the justin came and stopped him, they then got into a full on fight! after awhile they stopped fighting, justin walked up to me with a bruised face and a bleeding lip ut he was ok, i hugged him and he kissed me on my forehead and i whispered "thank you so much u r always here for me" "thats ok" together we walked to science with our bruises and cuts together hugging.

justin has always been there for me since i got here and i am so in love with him, i was just scared that he would get even more hurt. 

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