Brightside Up

What would you say if I told you that there was another world that existed parallel to your own? What if I told you that there were a select few that could dive between these; that could experience the colourless world below and that which you live in, Brightside?

Myself and Alex are two of those with this ability. This is our story.


1. Under

I live Under, in the world of reflections that only a select few have access to. When you look at a pool of water, frosty glass, your bathroom mirror, you're looking at what could be. What could be, but will never be. At least, not if you see a reflection. 

Of course there are some that cannot leave this colourless world; a world with no rainbow of colours but just shades in-between black and white. Our world world is what you might describe as a 'grey area', and the Settlers have no where else to go. They have nowhere else that they can go.

I'm a Diver; one with the ability to Dive between the worlds, from Under to Brightside in the blink of an eye. It's a rare ability, just one in a hundred have the ability. Most of us Murks live never seeing colour, never knowing the colours that light splays and paints across the Earth, never knowing any different. 

While Under may be accessed through any reflective surface, our world in no way mirrors that up Brightside. When Brights and Settlers look into pools of water, mirrors, glass, they see themselves reflected back, everything around them is reflected back. 

When I look into a reflective surface, I see myself in a world completely different to that in which I am in. I see the colours and are tempted to touch the surface; hypnotised by hues I never knew existed. As soon as my skin touches that surface, I Swim. Some Divers sink on their first journey between the worlds, especially the younger ones or the ones without proper training.

Limbo that exists between the two worlds scares many, terrifies them. Those few seconds in which they must pass through an space that is empty of colour, sound, anything, that is their nightmare. When they lie in bed, restless, it is Limbo that they are thinking of.

I love Limbo. It's quiet in Limbo. Silence, real, honest to God silence exists. The silence fills me up, washes over me and spills from me. Consumes me. It enters my body and sings within me. In Limbo I am truly alone.

I am also an anomaly. 

I took my first Dive when I was just 3, not even in the first year of my training. No one's allowed to dive until they take the Regulating. I suppose I'm a rule breaker too. Add it to my file. 

All the Pre-Regs live in the Centres; buildings that house hundreds of us, from newborns to teenagers. The Regulating happens on your 17th birthday, the most important day of your life. 

So I guess that taking my Dive fourteen years before anyone else has ever even attempted it, fourteen years before anyone has ever achieved it, I guess that's a little different.

Not that I told anyone, I'm not crazy. Saying I had Dived at 3 would be the same as me claiming that a Bright could Dive.



At least that's what I thought.

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