The Line Between

There's good people, and there's bad people. Just like there's good creatures and evil creatures. The good creatures, isn't exactly what I am. I'm good, but I'm dangerous. And the power that I have in unbelievable. I've been told that my powers could turn the devil's soul to good. But there's always good and bad out comes of having dangerous powers, and who would have known the 4 people I've lived with since I was young, were the people that would teach me how I could become the most powerful creature... in the world.


1. ☬1☬ (Sail's POV)

☬Chapter One

✥Party With Me 


"Sail, are you coming to the party tonight?!" I turned around noticing my friend Jane running towards me. I slowly walked down the main stairs of the High School, and made my way towards the parking lot.

"Ugh, who's house is it at?" As soon as Jane caught up to me, she was out of breath and  was trying to keep up with my slow pace.

"It's at Liam's place idiot." She said slapping me with her book. "Now slow down before I pass out." I stopped walking then, and turned around to look at her. Jane was bending down, her hands rested on her knees as she breathed heavily.

"Why didn't he tell me?" I laughed, sliding my books into my backpack. Right as Jane stood up to say something to me, a loud honking noise came from my right. I turned my head quickly to see Niall in his truck with his windows rolled down.

"Time to go Sail." He yelled at me over his loud annoying music.

"I've gotta go, I don't want to walk home today, text me."

"Okay cya!" She said using all her breath to yell at me as I ran to Niall's truck. I opened the passenger door and threw my book bag on the floor as I sat down. Before I even closed the door, he slammed on the gas. I shut the door, and he continued to drive fast, and take sharp turns, causing me to jerk around. I tried to ignore his horrible driving skills, and attempted to ask him about Liam's party over his some-what loud music.

"Niall?!" He turned to look at me.

"Yeah?!" He said, not bothering to turn down his music.

"Did you know Liam was having a party tonight?!" He nodded, and continued to drive like he didn't care about this conversation. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms across my chest. Oddly Niall was driving faster today, and he seemed like he was waiting for something to happen. Thankfully before we got in a accident though, we were pulling up into the driveway of our house.

I left my backpack in the truck, and began taking off my white polo shirt in the drive way. We lived out of the way of town, so it didn't matter if I ran around in the lawn naked. But I had a tanktop on anyways. Niall got out of the truck then following behind me. "Heya Liam! Sail's strippin' in the driveway again!" I looked up the noticing Liam was on the roof fixing shingles.

"Sail!" He yelled down at me.

"Am not!" I threw my polo at Niall and he died laughing. "You bitch stop getting my in trouble!" I ran up to him and pushed, he pretended to fall on the ground.

"OW! WHY'D YOU DO THAT!" He yelled.

"That's bull!" I yelled back.

"LIAM SHE'S HURTING ME!" I walked up to Niall then pretending to kick him in the side. He pretended to grunt each time. I had no idea why we were doing this, but I was finding this hilarious.

"Stop acting like a pussy Niall." Zayn said pulling into the driveway in his car. He turned off his car then and came walking up to us. He came up behind me surprising me slightly, and threw me over his shoulder.

"ZAYN I'M WEARING A SKIRT!" I said trying to cover my butt, I didn't want Niall looking at my undies.

"Nice ass Sail." Niall laughed throwing my polo back at me as Zayn carried me inside. Once we were inside Zayn put me down.

"JERK!" I said punching him in the chest laughing. It wasn't really weird for them to see me naked like that anymore, seems how I've been living here for who knows how long. But still a girl needs her privacy sometimes.

"You love showing off your undies Sail, don't deny it." Zayn laughed pinching my cheek. I slapped his hand as he began walking to the kitchen.

"Weirdo." I followed close behind him, as he walked over to the counter where there was one giant chocolate chip cookie he had bought a couple of days ago. Right as he was about to grab it, I reached under his arm and grabbed it before running away. He immediately began chasing after me, But I took a big bite out of it, and then threw it back to him. Not paying attention to what was infront of me then.

I had turned around for just a second, and before I could stop myself, I found my foot tripping over Loui's. I crashed on the ground, thankfully landing on my back. But I had hit my head, and it kind of hurt. My vision was blurry at first, but I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see Louis. "Better watch where your goin Princess."

"You guys are so mean, you always pick on me." Louis held out a hand and pulled me up, and I rubbed the back of my head.

"Ay, don't deny that you love it." Niall said poking me in the belly.

"I hate it." I said running to the couch and jumping on it. Niall came and sat on my lap then, and he did not weight as much as a feather. He weighed as much as a wrecking ball approximately. "Your crushing me." He leaned backwards then, adding more of his weight on top of me.

"Admit it."

"What that I like being crushed?" I tried to laugh, but his weight wasn't letting me. "Niall..." I groaned, my face started to turn a red color from the lack of oxygen.

"Niall get off her it looks like she's going to die." Liam said chucking his work gloves at Niall. Niall got up then, and I took a huge gasp of air, standing up then.

"Fat ass." I whispered.

"I'm not that fat guys." Niall whined, Liam looked over at us.

"Stop acting like children before I make you guys clean." He said with a serious face, and I knew he wasn't lying. Niall and I immediately looked at each other then walked in separate directions.

"Sail go clean your room." He said washing his hands at the kitchen sink.

My jaw dropped then. "What?! I stopped fighting with Niall!" If anything, I'd rather scoop dog poop then clean my room. It's Horrible.

"I saw your grades, now go."

"Yes father." I said angrily.

"You can clean the bathroom now too." I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him while I was walking up the stairs to my bedroom. While I was walking up the stairs I heard Niall laughing, and then Liam yelling. I silently laughed knowing that Liam was yelling at him for laughing at me. I walked into my room then and I closed my bedroom door, and took the rest of my school uniform off. I ran across the hallway then to Loui's room and grabbed his sweatpants, before running back to my room and putting them on. I grabbed my green shirt then, and put it on also.

I looked around my room in horror. "Liam!" I yelled.

"What?!" He yelled back.

"I can't do this!" I whined. He didn't respond back, knowing that I was just being lazy. I huffed, he knew me to well. I began picking up my dirty clothes, and throwing them in my dirty laundry basket. Then put my clean clothes in my drawer in closet. And after that I threw all the rest of my stuff in my closet, or under my bed. I ran out of my room then, and quickly cleaned off the counter of the bathroom.

Once I was finished, with that, I ran back downstairs and walked up to the TV stand. I was about to grab my cell phone, but then Liam interrupted me. "Nu uh, you have studying to do."

"No Liam oh my gosh." I smacked my forehead. "I promise I'll get my grades up, just please let me send 1 text to Jane."

"Nope, I've heard that before." He handed me my textbook then. "If you don't get your grades up, you'll get sent to a girls home." I groaned then. "Would you rather stay here?"

"Yes." I mumbled.

"Now study or you won't be going to the party either."

"Why didn't you tell me we were having a party?" I groaned sitting on the couch with my textbooks.

"Because if I would have told you earlier, you'd be to focused on what you were going to wear to even bother thinking about homework." I groaned again and Liam walked off. I grabbed my phone then, and opened my textbook. I smirked then as I began texting Jane.

'Im gona be @ the party tonight' (From: Sail)

'Me too! Hopefully get a kiss with Zayn tonight ;)' (From: Jane)

'Ew, dont talk bout him that way around me' (From: Sail)

'Sorry but hes so hot' (From: Jane)

'Im going to barf' (From: Sail)

'Why are you sea sick? lol' (From: Jane) I frowned then, putting my phone on the TV set again. I hated it when people made fun of my name. My real name was Sailor, but I never liked it, and Liam had always called me Sail. So it just stuck.

I looked down at my studying book then, reading words that made no sense. When I heard somebody coming to the living room, I closed my study book and put it on the TV set next to my phone and walked up to my room. I don't like people watching me do school work, because I will hate myself for life if I get called a nerd.

I opened my closet and pulled out my ripped skinny jeans, along with my baggy tanktop that revealed a lot of my back. I walked to the bathroom then, and put my clothes on the counter.

I quickly took a shower, and put my clothes on. I put on a weak amount of makeup, and scrunched my hair. When I opened the door to the bathroom, Liam leaned against the door frame shaking his head back and forth. "No party." He said.

"What? It got canceled?"

"No, your not going."

"Why?" I pouted crossing my arms across my chest. He held up my textbook then. "I studied I promise!"

"For 5 minutes?" I rolled my eyes. "Come on Sail, when are you going to learn."

"I studied like you said, just please!"

"I'm not falling for this again." I groaned, ugh he was so strict and it was so annoying.

"Well to bad I'm partying whether you want me to or not." I went to go past him but he blocked the way.

"Nu uh, Louis doesn't want to party so you are going with him to Paul's to study."

"Nope, I won't do it." Liam looked down at me then, I hated him for being taller than me, stronger than me, and more powerful than me. If I owned this house, and had all the power I would demand him to lick my shoes clean.

"Yes you will, because if you don't. No phone, No laptop, No TV, and No desert for 3 weeks."

"That's bull!"

"So what are you going to do tonight?" He asked. He always did this to make sure I was paying attention to what he was saying.

"I'm going to party."

"Sail sometimes, I don't know what to do with you."

"Then just let me party, PLEASE LIAM." Liam closed his eyes and groaned.

"This once-."

"OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH LIAM!" I jumped on him hugging him.

"But if you don't get your grades up in at least a month, No phone, No Laptop, No TV, and no desert for 3 weeks."

"Fine." I groaned jumping off of him. "Thank you!" I said pushing past him then. I couldn't wait to get my parteeh on.


A/N: Okay here's another book, it sounds really weird right now. But in the next chapter or so you'll totally understand what's going on, hopefully. This book has like supernatural creatures, and different species. Not like mermaids, but like more 'evil & dangerous' creatures. Like; Demons, witches, demon hunters, vampires, wolves, elves, dwarfs, and much more creatures that you've never heard before. So I hope you guys like it! And I can't wait to update more!

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