Just Can't Move On

Jenna was just an ordinary girl...until she had to move to Cheshire and meets the love of her life.Wanna know what happens?Read the story and find out.


3. Meeting My New Best Friend

Jenna's p.o.v.


I knocked on the door and out came a curly-haired boy with dimples and immediately fell in love


"Hi,I just moved in next door and came to meet the new neighbors",I said."'Ello love,whats your name?"he said in a deep and rough voice."My name is Jenna,whats your name?",I asked.'Harry Styles"he said in a very cheeky way."Well Jenna,why don't you come inside and we can get to know each other",he said moving aside so I can come in.I came inside and i saw a spotless house.I was amazed at how clean his house was.


"Want to play 20 questions to get to know eachother?",he said scratching the back of his neck as if it was a stupid question."Sure I'd love to",I said.We played fo about 5 minutes until a pretty lady with black hair came in."Hello love what brings you here?",she asked not looking up from unpacking groceries."Hi I'm Jenna,I just moved in next door",I said."Oh,I see my little harry was being a sweetheart and opened up to you so quickly",she said.After she said that harry went red. 


A/N Sorry its so short. i might need some help writing this so i need a co author.I will make sure it will be harry's p.o.v. too   <3

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