Just Can't Move On

Jenna was just an ordinary girl...until she had to move to Cheshire and meets the love of her life.Wanna know what happens?Read the story and find out.


2. Flashback

Jenna's p.o.v.(12 year old Jenna)

"Jenna,come down here please",my dad said he sounded very happy and excited.I wonder why?Anyways i made my way downstairs to see all of our suitcases packed and my dad out in front of his blue convertible."what did you call me down for?"I said."we are moving!",my dad said."cool where are we moving to?",I asked.I didn't mind moving...I never told my dad this,but I get bullied at school all the time."we are moving to Cheshire."he said."Okay when do we leave?" I asked hoping it would be soon."we are leaving right now"he said.I got in the car and we rode to the airport.

*Skip plane ride*

We stepped outside into the cold England air and hailed a taxi.He told the driver the address and we,surprisingly,only drove for 5 min.We got out of the car and I was amazed.I saw this amazing house.You might expect me to say it was like a huge 2 story house.Nope.Because I like simple things,it was an amazing little white cottage.It was nothing special but I loved it."Go pick which room you want"he said.I bolted down a narrow hallway and found this amazing room with powder blur walls and a king sized bed.I flopped down face first onto the bed and fell asleep.When i woke up,I saw all my luggage piled in the corner and a note that said to go meet the neighbors.I walked outside and went to the house next door.I rang the doorbell and out came a handsome curly-haired boy with dimples and immediately fell in love.   

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