6th Direction

Marina was suppose to be a solo artist. With her name on shining lights, having sold out concerts, and living next to Oprah. But for the next three years, she has to live on a tour bus and travel 24/7 with four British boys and one Irish who go by One Direction. Now that she signed the wrong contract and she can't take it back and change it...she has to become the newest member of One Direction. Now she has to deal with management and having to have a fake relationship between Niall and Harry. But the question is...can she handle the pressure of fame?


8. Six Is Enough

No. I wasn't going to believe this. How could I believe it. Why was this happening to me.


"I didn't think I would find you and half of One Direction in one room," I laughed nervously.

"Haha, well I was headed to your room but I got a bit lost and some girls were following me. Then I saw Liam standing outside the door and well...here I am."

"Oh," I chuckled lightly.

"Was that why you came to our room, Marina?" Harry looked at me worriedly.

I looked at Ashton, who was too waiting for me to respond. "Yeah, they were at my door."

Louis scoffed and Harry elbowed him hard. "Right."

"Babe, you didn't tell me you knew these guys."

I stood there, watching in disbelief. "I didn't think that was important."

Harry looked at me and then watched as Ashton walked up to me, from his seat next to Harry, and gave me a peck on the cheek. Louis rolled his eyes in disgust, "Well isn't that nice to hear."

"You guys weren't exactly the topic of our conversations." Zayn shrugged it off and continued to play with his phone. He got up and brushed past us, leaving  the room.

"What is this I overhear about you coming on tour?" I looked up at Ashton. His eyes left my gaze and he bit his lip, looking at Louis and Harry.

"Well I wanted it to be a surprise but I'm going to be going to be touring with One Direction for their upcoming tour."

I clutched my shirt and pushed him aside to sit down. This was too much for me to take in. Calm me a drama queen or whatever but not only am I in One Direction but the guy I like is going on tour with One Direction and he doesn't know I'm now in the band. This wasn't suppose to be the way he found out, I planned for him to not know at all.

"Great to have you on board," I sighed out heavily.

Harry rubbed my back softly and whispered in my ear, "It won't be so bad that he knows."

I looked up into Harry's green eyes. He smiled sweetly and continued to rub my back in small circles. My breathing started to slow down and follow the speed of Harry's hand circling my black.

"Am I missing something here?" Ashton asked, his voice cracking a bit. Maybe Harry's back rubbing was giving Ashton the wrong message.

I stood up slowly and looked at Harry nervously. "Well I have sort of a surprise as well..."

Harry mouthed "It's okay," to me before giving me a wink that suddenly seem to have sent shivers down my spine.

"I'm in One Direction." Maybe instead of explaining all the details, I should have just told him that. Would take up less time.

Ashton scrunched his eyebrows and looked at all of us in the room. "Surprise..." I said weakly, doing terrible jazz hands.

"That's great!" Ashton belted out pulling me into a hug. "This a way better surprise than mine." He squeezed me tightly and I went from nervous to confused instantly.

"It is?" my voice muffled against his jacket.

"Yeah," he smiled pulling me from the hug.

I looked at Harry who shrugged and Louis who seemed to not exactly care one bit. "It is??" I asked again still confused.

"Well yeah, we're going to be touring together, babe."

Oh goodie.


"Wait so Ashton is in a band?" Alice asked. I could hear her writing down what I was saying onto paper. "And that's the band that you were talking about before right? The one with the college guy in it?"

"Yes and yes." I can't believe this was happening to me.

"I'm jealous," Alice said so blatantly. "You not only get One Direction but you also get cute college boy and his Australian friends."

I face palmed my self. Was this the only thing she was thinking of right now?!

"Seriously?" I asked. "Now isn't the time to be jealous. I got a major crisis here!"

Alice started to chuckle softly. I could tell she was trying to make sure I didn't hear it. "Can you please explain because if you're gonna complain let me pack my suitcase and take your place."

"No!" I shouted into the phone. "It's just a bit weird. I've never been around this many guys before...just imagine when tour starts."

Tour was now my main issue. We had only a few months before tour started in February and I was still unprepared as to how I was going to announce this to my fans, the Dorks, but most importantly the directioners.

"The Dorks are going to be excited for me about touring with the band," I reassured Alice, but more so myself. "But I don't think they would freak out like directioners would if they found out I was in the band."

Alice was silent. Too silent if you ask me. "Alice you there?"

"I'm coming on tour with you."


"You heard what I said," Alice's voice sounded sassy. The last thing I need right now is another sassy person with me on tour. "In February, I'm going to go with you to London with you and the boys."

That was the worst fucking idea I ever heard. Two girls, one semi-famous and another model material, going on tour with the One Direction...yeah as if fans were going to agree with that. They would kill us as soon as they found out.

"I can handle things," I replied.

"Obviously not! You're letting a bunch of fans and nonsense get the best of you. It's only December and you're already hyperventilating." She was right, I had to use an asthma I didn't even need in order to try and soothe myself. "If by February you are acting crazy, I'm coming on tour with you."

"Fine," I groaned. I hung the phone and fell onto my bed. The screaming outside was still going on and was louder and stronger even after four hours and a bit of rain. If directioners were willing to get sick from the rain and do things like this for the guys, I surely won't survive being the 6th member of One Direction. "I'm fucked."


(A/N: So new chapter is finally here. I had some ideas for an upcoming chapter but I decided not to put it in this one and instead but it in upcoming ones, meaning the story is going to be a few chapters longer than I expected. Hope you enjoyed the chapter, though it was short sadly. Please comment on what you thought and if you want others to read it make sure to share it.)

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Peace, LoVe, and 1DDay -Allison

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