6th Direction

Marina was suppose to be a solo artist. With her name on shining lights, having sold out concerts, and living next to Oprah. But for the next three years, she has to live on a tour bus and travel 24/7 with four British boys and one Irish who go by One Direction. Now that she signed the wrong contract and she can't take it back and change it...she has to become the newest member of One Direction. Now she has to deal with management and having to have a fake relationship between Niall and Harry. But the question is...can she handle the pressure of fame?


6. Long Way From Home

"That's the last bag," I sighed, zipping up the bag.

"Great," James smiled. "I'll give this to the boys to put in the van."

James went downstairs carrying my black skull duffel bag and red suitcase. Alice adjusted her head to watch him go downstairs.

"Alice!" I smacked her forehead.

"What?!" She flinched in pain.

"Stop looking at his butt!"

She started to hold her stomach and laugh. "He's got a nice butt. Someone has to look at it and obviously it can't be you!"

I rolled my eyes playfully. I walked slowly around my room, observing the little knicks and cracks of everything.

"What's wrong?" Her eyes shifted to me sadly.

"Nothing," I replied. "I guess this is what it's gonna be like when I leave for college."

"Nooo," Alice responded smiling. She stood next to me holding my hand. "When you're off to college . . .everyone will still be here for you. Just like tour. We're always here; all the time."

Alice decided freshman year that she wasn't going to college. She was gonna pursue her dreams as an actress. I hugged her and started to tear up. This was supposed to be my moment. I was supposed to be happy. But how can you express your happiness with your best friend when all you're gonna soon be surrounded by is strangers?

"You see that sexy curly haired boy and his adorable Irish friend outside?" Alice gestured her head in their direction.

"Ha, sure," I smirked, looking out the white window.

"You get to be with them. For months. And heck, you're gonna end up seeing them shirtless or naked at some point," she whispered in my ear.

I burst into laughter at her comment. My best friend is a freak and she's pushing me into the same path!

"No. No. No," I shook my head still laughing. I started walking downstairs leading into the dining room/kitchen. "None of those will be shown to me."


Alice stole my apple and sat on one of the stools. "It's like being a fan but with a bonus sneak peek. Like my mother said, if you love something, don't let it go. Grab that shit before some sleazy girl takes it."

I watched as she bit deep into the apple, not messing up her red lipstick at all. Usually when I do that, I fail so badly I'm sure Jesus looks at me like I'm an idiot.

"Your mother has never said that!" I looked at her shocked.

She looked confused for a second before tossing me back the apple. "Oh yeah! It was yours." She winked at me and walked outside.

I slipped on my Converse sneakers before walking outside into the cold air. Liam and Zayn had shut the back doors to the white van and walked over to where eveyone was standing.

I stood next to Niall who was far from the group and watched as his cheeks got red. "You want some hot cocoa?"

"Hot cocoa?" He looked at me suddenly.

"Yeah, I can even put little marshmallows in them for you," I showed him with my hands how small they were.

"I'm fine, I'll get warmer once I'm in the van," he thanked me for my kind gesture.

I nodded my head in an understanding way and turned to see my mom and Alice talking to the other members.

"Just know-" Niall spoke out of nowhere.

I jumped up. "Mhm?"

"We're all happy to have you with us. I think this tour is gonna be great with a new member."

"Thanks Niall," I politely smiled.

I fixed my beanie and walked over to the group. "So what's the hold up?"

Everyone got silent and looked up at me. Even Alice.

I stepped back a little in some type of fear. I hated all eyes on me. I mean now that i think about it -if I can't even handle these people looking at me, how can I handle thousands of girls-?

"Just getting directions back to the hotel," Liam patted my arm.

"Oh-" I smiled weakly. My mom hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, "Your father said he loves you and to call him when you get to the hotel."

I patted my mom's back and gently pushed her away. Any second she was going to get overly emotional and I would never be able to leave.

"Will do, Mom. I love you guys," I gave her the best smile I could.

I turned to James, who had his arms wide open. I ran into him and he spun me around. After he placed me back down he gave me a huge bear hug. "Just know you'll be seeing me again before you leave for tour."

I nodded my head. "Keep your hands off my best friend," I gave him an evil glare.

He chuckled, moist air coming from his mouth. "Okay, little sister. Wasn't planning on doing anything."

I walked up to the boys who were watching me the entire time. "So you ready to go?" Zayn smiled slightly.

I nodded my head. We all got inside the van, Harry taking the wheel. I sat in the far back by myself with some of the bags. I peered out the window and watched the closest people to me slowly disappear as we made our way to the parkway.

The boys all had their conversation, which of course I was not included into. I took out my iPod headphones and plugged it into my phone. I rested my head back onto one of the bags and got ready to drown myself in my music.

After several songs, I could sense a disturbance. I looked up and saw Niall turned around, watching me quietly.

"Creep much?" I asked.

"You were singing . . ." He scrunched up his eyebrows. Was I that bad? Maybe I should reconsider this whole touring thing.

"Was I bad?" I asked embarrassed.

"Just beautiful," Harry spoke, looking at me through the rearview mirror. He winked at me and I looked down, blushing from all the attention.

Louis scoffed. "And a bit loud."

"Oh," I sighed.

Of course Louis wouldn't lie like the others. He's got nothing to lie about. He doesn't know me so he's not gonna lie to not hurt my feelings. He was sassy and tough. And I was small compared to him, not height wise, but he was bigger and better and he knew that.

He was the alpha male when it came to the group.

"Which is good," Zayn nudged Louis.

"Yeah, Marina," Liam added. "We need loud for this tour."

He gave Louis a look before turning around and taking his place as the map guide in the passenger seat.

The conversation ended as quickly as it started. Niall continued to watch me.

"What?" I asked a bit uncomfortable.

He laughed a bit. "You're cute. In an adorable way."

Before I could try and respond, he winked and turned back around.

Well then.

{A/N: Yay new chapter! I'm trying to upload a new chapter like every week or so since it's getting a lot of views and comments at a rapid speed. Hopefully you enjoy this semi-short chapter. So in this chapter we can sorta tell how everyone feels about Marina. I was thinking about in the next chapter we have a part where the boys discuss how they feel about her. Let me know in the comments what you think about that. More drama and new people will be introduced in the few upcoming chapters :) Remember, your comments help make this story awesome.}

Peace, Love, and Marshmallows ~Allison ♡

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