6th Direction

Marina was suppose to be a solo artist. With her name on shining lights, having sold out concerts, and living next to Oprah. But for the next three years, she has to live on a tour bus and travel 24/7 with four British boys and one Irish who go by One Direction. Now that she signed the wrong contract and she can't take it back and change it...she has to become the newest member of One Direction. Now she has to deal with management and having to have a fake relationship between Niall and Harry. But the question is...can she handle the pressure of fame?


10. Keeping Up With Modest! Management

I woke up with a body wrapped around me. I remembered that Ashton came late last night to my room and asked to sleep with me. At first I thought he was referring to sex but once I let him in he got under the covers and I could see from the bags under his eyes that he was acually tired. 

"Why don't you go sleep in your room?" I asked closing the door and hopping back into my bed. "I may be your girlfriend now but that doesn't mean I want you in my bed."

"Ouch," Ashton pretended to be hurt. "The guys were pulling an all nighter with some girls and I knew if I stay in either room, I was screwed."

"Ugh fine," I playfully rolled my eyes. "Just this once." 

I heard knocking on my door and a voice calling my name. I kept trying to fall back asleep but the knocking continued and I knew I wasn't gonna get rid of this person anytime soon.

"Ashton. Ashton wake up."

"Hm?" Ashton muffled into the pillow.

"See who's at the door?" I asked as I fixed myself under the covers, trying to get another hour of sleep.

I felt Ashton get off the bed and walk off. I heard the door open and Ashton ask why you was here.

"I need Marina."

"She's asleep. I don't think she wants to see you right now," Ashton sounded aggravated. "You guys upset her pretty badly. To the point where she was going to leave."

"Just let me talk to her."


"Why are you even here? And where is your shirt?"

I got up instantly and headed for the door. "Niall?" 

The blonde Irish guy looked upset and his face was getting red. "What are you doing here?" I asked, standing in front of Ashton. 

"What's he doing here?" Niall asked, gesturing to Ashton. Ashton went back into the room and came back to the door with his shirt on. He quickly kissed my cheek and walked out, roughly pushing Niall aside.

"It's a long story," I answered.

"Well when we get on the plane you can tell me. For now we have to-"

"We?" I stopped Niall. "Since when was I included?"

"You've always been included. Since you signed that contract you were included."

"Bullshit! You guys left me here and tried to cover it up by having your opening act distract me."

Niall looked down guiltily. "Marina, I'm sorry. It wasn't our intention for you to think we don't care about you, because we do. I care a lot about you."

"You don't even know me," I answered back. I was seconds away from slamming the door in his face.

"But I want to get to know you. The whole band wants to," Niall placed his hand on the door. "Get dressed and get your stuff. You'll see where we were yesterday."

I hesitated but finally gave up. For some reason I couldn't resist those blue eyes of Niall's. I took a quick shower and put on a regular pair of blue skinny jeans, black Converses, and a white tee shirt.

When I came out of the bathroom, Niall was sitting on the bed watching me. "I assumed you would've went to get your stuff?"

"I put them in the car before I came here," Niall answered leaning against the wall near the bathroom.

"So I was the last thing on your mind," I scoffed. Maybe I was purposely trying to start an argument, I mean I didn't get my extra hour of sleep so maybe I should.

"You were actually the first thing on my mind when I woke up," Niall stood next to me as I stuffed complimentary hotel goodies into my suitcase. "Are you taking the hotel towels?"

"Yeah, why? Am I gonna get in trouble?" 

The only time I "stole" something was when I was seven at a hotel in Pennsylvania. I took the couch cushion because the pattern was nice (or so I tell myself) but the hotel manager told me to leave it there. So of course I did . . . but not before swinging it at his crotch really fast and running out to the car.

"Badass Marina strikes again," Niall laughed as I carried the two white pillows from my bed and Niall carried my stuff.

"You know it," I smirked.

As we reached the main floor, the concierge was waiting for us and so were Paul and Harry. Before I could hear what the concierge woman was going to say to Niall and I, I made a run for it. I threw a pillow at Harry, who caught it and looked bewildered.

I ran into first black SUV I saw and the opened, revealing the rest of the boys. 

"First time stealing hotel pillows?" 

"Yeah," I laughed out loud.

The boys joined in and Harry tossed me the pillow as he made his way inside.

"So where are the glorious fans?" I asked out of curiosity. My visits to New York were always ruined by fans trying to get pictures with celebrities as they left their hotels.

"We had someone send out the wrong hotel info on Twitter," Liam answered.

Niall intervened and sat in the back with Liam and Louis. Zayn, to my left, listened to his iPod and doodled sketches in his notebook. I tried to take a peek before Paul asked if we were ready to go. Harry gave a thumbs up and we were on our way.

"So," I tried to fill the quick silence. "Where are-"

"Ashton and the others?" Niall finished.

"Yeah . . ." 

Harry looked up from his phone and glanced at Niall suspiciously. He turned to me and smiled, "Well since we have a meeting, they're catching a flight to London before us."

"You know, I never got my answer."

I coughed loudly, hoping no one heard Niall speak.

Obviously Liam did. "Answer to what?"

"Nothing," I pulled out my phone and pretended that I was finding a game to play.

"Why was Ashton shirtless in your room this morning?"

On queue, the van stopped abruptly. Paul apologized to us as he saw a few girls running across the street. Louis, simultaneously spit out his water and Zayn looked up abruptly, pulling his earphones out.


"How about we ask the real important question here?" I began to get angry. "Why did you guys leave me at the hotel yesterday?"

Harry and Liam gave each other a look of wide eyes and nervousness. Louis nudged Niall as if to say something.

Zayn . . . well he put his earphones back in, obviously not wanting to be involved.

"Oh so no one has a fucking answer?!" I yelled. I turned around and stared directly into Niall's eyes. "You wanna know so badly why Ashton was in my room?"

Niall barely let the words come out of his thin lips before I cut him off again. "Because I fucking wanted him to be in my room. You don't own me so I'm allowed to do what I like. You may not like that and frankly I don't give a shit."

I turned around and began to text Alice and James, hoping one of them could get my mind off of things.

"Stay away from Ashton," I heard one of them say.

"Why's that?" I looked up. 

"He's not exactly looking for anything long term."

"Just like this contract isn't long term. Are we gonna discuss that at the meeting today?"

No one answered and I knew I won whatever this was. 

I deserved to be happy but it's like no one wants me to be. I can't have my own career without now being associated with One Direction, I can't be involved with anyone without the boys acting like they care about me. If they cared they wouldn't have left me.

Harry brought me out of my trance when he placed his phone in my hand. I looked at the screen and it was an empty contact that had my name but no number. I filled it in and gave it back to him.


My phone alerted me of a text.

Don't be mad. We were told by Management to not involve you yesterday. Sorry xx

I sighed and responded. I forgive you, Harry.

The ride was only a short more of a ride before we were standing outside of an office building, standing close to the Empire State Building. As we all stepped out, Harry placed his hand on my back and whispered, "When we get inside, just smile and let us take care of things. One of our managers doesn't know about you just yet."

"That's what we're here for?" I looked up at him. 

"He works in the PR department for us. So he is gonna help us put the 'new boy band member is a girl' thing out calmly."

I nodded and had Harry lead me inside.

"Ready to meet the big dogs?" Liam asked from behind as we walked to the elevator.

"Bring it on."

So this has been a fun hiatus, huh? I feel like an asshole because this has just been waiting to be finished but senior year has been a pain in my butt. Hope the chapter is sufficient and you enjoy it. New chapter will be up before the month is over...that's a promise :)

Peace, Love, and Hunger Games ♡

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