6th Direction

Marina was suppose to be a solo artist. With her name on shining lights, having sold out concerts, and living next to Oprah. But for the next three years, she has to live on a tour bus and travel 24/7 with four British boys and one Irish who go by One Direction. Now that she signed the wrong contract and she can't take it back and change it...she has to become the newest member of One Direction. Now she has to deal with management and having to have a fake relationship between Niall and Harry. But the question is...can she handle the pressure of fame?


1. Expect the Unexpected

So this was the day. The contract was signed and Alice and I were just waiting for my agent to come back with a thumbs up saying everything was good to go.

"Stop shaking," Alice sternly said while eating a banana.

"I'm just nervous," I sighed standing up from my chair and walking around the gray office.

Alice laughed. "Why? They love you and you signed the contract. They're just coming to tell you when your gonna start working."

I paused in my tracks. "The record label hasn't heard my demo tape yet. Yeah I signed the contract but if they say no it means I have to spend another month trying to get signed from a different record company."

"So who are the people you sung for?" Alice asked.

"They work for the record label but the 'big guy' hasn't heard me yet."

Before Alice could reply, several men and a woman walked into the office.

"Miss. Campbell we're glad to see you again," the first man shook my hand. "Please, take a seat."

"Same to you," I smiled sitting next to Alice.

No one spoke. I looked around and everything seemed tense. "Is everything ok? Did they like the demo??"

The men looked at the woman and she firmly said, "Yes, they got the demo and loved it. Everything is set BUT there was a mistake."

"What type of mistake?" Alice asked suddenly, throwing the banana peel in the garbage.

"Well," she repeatedly shifted her eyes to the three men. "The day we had you sign the contract we were also carrying a second contract for another client who was joining a group."

"And we thought you were signing the young male's contract so we switched it," the blonde guy out of the four said.

"So I signed that guy's contract-" I said.

"And the guy signed Ally's?" Alice gasped.

They all nodded. "Can't we do anything to fix it?" I calmly asked.


No. Who knew a simple word could hurt so much. And no facial expression was shown on their faces. But I know they felt bad, I felt bad for myself. I was about to be the sixth member of a European pop boy band.

Fuckin' perfect.

{So I know so far this story seems cliche and is gonna be awful, but I really think you guys are gonna like it. It's not going to be typical or something you've read before so hope you like it. :)}

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