Some say our love would last forever.
They said that we would never be sepreated or forced to part.
They were wrong.


1. Prologue



           "I love you, Harry." He doesn't reply. He just stares at the ground, refusing to look at me. "What is wrong with you?" He finally says after a long silence. "Wha-" I begin to say. "You can't just take advantage of my feelings like that, Louis!" He yells at me. "But, Harry, I do love you... I'm not lying." I protest. He scoffs and turns on his feet. He breifly looks over his shoulder and meets my eyes. "Stop pretending, Louis." He whispers and walks away.



             I stare at Harry through the corner of my eye; like I always do. But this time was different. "Enough!" Harry bursts out; startling everyone. "What is it?" Liam asks. Harry ignores Liam and turns to face me. "Louis! Stop it! Stop fucking staring at me! I hate it!" He yells in my face. "I wasn't-" I try and lie. "Don't even lie! If you're trying to get me to feel sorry for you, you best just give up! I'm over you, Louis. You should be too." He says through gritted teeth. I watch as he stomps away. How did this even happen? Oh. I remember now.



     (A\N) : I should let you know that the rest of the story will be continued in Louis' point of veiw and also in his flashbacks. I orignially am writing this Larry fanfic on my Instagram account, so if you'd like, look up BraveryBirds17 on Instagram and follow me! Thanks and hope you like it!

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