Some say our love would last forever.
They said that we would never be sepreated or forced to part.
They were wrong.


3. {CHAPTER 2}


   I decided it was late and that I should get some sleep as well. I walk into mine and Harry's bedroom, turning on the lights. I hear a groan and curse under my breath. "I'm so sorry, Harry! I forgot you were asleep!" I apologize. "It's fine" He mumbles. I take my t-shirt off and throw it onto the ground along with my pants. I of course leave my boxers on and climb into bed with Harry. "Louis?" Harry asks. "Yeah?" There's a long pause. "You forgot to turn the light off." He states. I mentally face palm myself. "God, I'm so stupid." I mutter. Harry chuckles and I get back up to switch the lights off. "And you forgot to brush your teeth." He reminds me. "Alright, mum." I groan. He laughs again. I finally finish and get back in the bed. Harry and I share a large king bed. Even with all the space in this bed, Harry still cuddles me in his sleep. I don't mind though; I like the warmth. "Night Lou." Harry whispers and closes his eyes. "Night Haz." I whisper back, falling into a deep sleep.


     "Wake up!"  "Get out of bed!"  "It's time to go!!" Three different voices yell, waking me and Harry. "Shut the fuck up." I mutter. I really wasn't thinking, I was half asleep. "Aw, Lou, don't be so stubborn." Niall's voice rings through my ears. "Come on, Louis." A deep voice says to me, gently shaking my shoulder. I open my eyes and see a pair of green eyes and dimples. I smile at him and he smiles back. "No." I reply, immediately closing my eyes again. "Goodness, Louis!" Harry whines. I quietly laugh and pull the covers over me more. "I know what to do." Harry says. Then slowly, I feel myself being lifted. I don't quite register what's happening until I feel my body slam into the wooden floor. "Harry!" I yell. Laughs erupt the room and I roll my eyes. They had just forced me out of bed by tilting the mattress over. "Get me out of here!" I scream. They also let the mattress fall on top of me. Harry takes a quick picture and comes to my rescue.

     "Sorry Lou, I had to." He says, pulling me up. I stomp away from them and into the bathroom. Bastards. I'm not angry at them, just annoyed that I couldn't sleep in on my day off. I clean myself up and get dressed. I exit the bathroom and grab my phone off the lamp desk. "Oh no! I hate you!" I yell. "What did I do?" Harry chuckles. "This!" I yell; shoving the tweet that he posted in his face. A picture of me, and Harry saying all that happened. All of a sudden, there's a knock at our bedroom door. "We need to have a talk, Louis." Our manager, Nicole says. "How did you get in?" I ask. "These lads left the front door wide open." She says, pointing at Liam, Zayn, and Niall. "Oops." Niall says. I shake my head and let out a small laugh. I follow Nicole into the kitchen.

     "As you may know, Larry Stylinson has gotten even bigger." She informs me. I nod. "That's a problem. If people actually believe you two are gay, you'll lose fans. And then you'll have barely any fans left that your career will be over. We can't let that happen, can we?" Nicole asks. Where is she going with this? "We're getting you a fake girlfriend, Louis. Unless you can find a real one that you'll actually like by tomorrow. Her name is Eleanor, you will meet tomorrow morning. Good luck." Nicole finishes and leaves without another word. "What the-?" I say. They cant just hand over a girl to me and expect me to pretend she's my girlfriend! All because of a stupid rumor! "Louis, you okay?" A voice asks. "Yeah Zayn. Just fine." I answer. He sits down next to me and drags his chair closer to me. "What did she say?" He asks, placing a comforting arm around my shoulder. "I'm being forced to love someone I don't even know."

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