Some say our love would last forever.
They said that we would never be sepreated or forced to part.
They were wrong.


2. {CHAPTER 1}



              "Harry! Let's go!" I yell, sending my voice throughout the apartment. "I'm coming!" I smile when Harry finally appears in front of me. "Is this okay to wear?" He asks. We were on our way to receive our awards. "Yes, you look very pretty, Haz." I tease. He gives me the evil eye but smiles anyway. "Come on." I usher him out the door and into my car. "I can't believe this! I didn't think we would ever be this good!" Harry exclaims on the car ride there. "And we took a picture together, thinking we would both be equally famous as solo singers! Now look at us!" Harry smiles at the thought of our first meeting in the restroom at the X-Factor. "Yeah." He says shyly, turning to look out the window. "Hey. I'm here for you. It's okay, don't be nervous." I coo to Harry while rubbing his thigh soothingly. I know how nervous and shy he gets at these sort of things. "We're here!" I park and turn the engine off.

    I walk over to Harry and hold his hand. He squeezes it back. "I told you Larry was real!" Several fans scream and yell at the sight of us. I laugh, but when I look over to Harry, I see that he's blushing? Probably from embarrassment. This should be good. I smirk to myself and tiptoe to place a kiss on Harry's cheek. The fans erupt in more screams and cheers. "Stop it, Lou." Harry mutters to me. "Why?" I ask. Harry only looks down at his feet. I don't get it. I was only teasing. I pull on his hand to signal for him to walk with me. We walk along the red carpet, stopping to say hello to a few fans every now and then. Time passes by and I find myself sitting in a chair at an interview.

     "This question is for Louis and Harry. When you two arrived, the fans were screaming with delight. Also, at the sight of Larry Stylinson happening?" The man asks. "Yeah. I decided to tease Harry when I saw him blushing with embarrassment. It was nothing, really. We're just best friends." I explain. "What do you think, Harry?" The man asks, turning to face him. "I..uh..." Harry stutters. What's wrong with him? Why is he so flustered all of a sudden? "We're just friends." He finally says. But he looks quite sad when he said it, to be honest. "That seemed very difficult for you to answer, Harry. Anything on your mind?" The interviewer asks. "Can we get on with the interview? I'm sure Harry has a lot on his mind, after all he and the rest of us aren't used to this sort of attention. Plus, Harry is quite shy." Liam interrupts. That makes sense. The man nods and continues to talk.


      "You did great, Harry." I reassure him. "No I didn't! I completely froze in that interview!" He whines. Before I could argue back, Harry spoke up. "I need to talk to Liam." He quickly gets up and leaves our room. We had been staying in an apartment building for the past couple of days. Harry and I were in one apartment, and Zayn, Liam, & Niall were staying in the larger apartment. I was fine with Harry leaving so quickly. A bit odd, I admit, but I assumed he just wanted to thank Liam for saving him at the interview.

     Fifteen minutes had already passed and I was growing curious. I saw Niall and Zayn coming towards me. "They haven't finished talking yet?" Niall groans. "Let's go back to the arcade." Zayn says. "Wanna come?" He asks me. "No thanks." I answer. He simply shrugs and they make their way back to the elevator. What is it that is so important and private they are talking about? I press my ear against the door. "He could've found out!" I hear Harry's voice. "Calm down, it's nothing to worry about. You're just lucky I saved your arse. It's not big deal, really." Liam says. "No big deal? Are you thinking?! My life would've ended if anyone found out! And now there's more proof!" Harry replies. "Harry-" Liam begins to say. "I've got to go. Don't want Louis getting suspicious." Harry mutters. I panic for about two seconds before silently running back to our room.

       "Hey." Harry's voice rings throughout the room. "Hi." I reply casually, staring at the TV. "Um, I'm going to go take a nap." Harry informs me. "Alright Haz." He walks into our bedroom and I immediately turn the telly off. What could they possibly have been talking about?



         I should those of you reading this fanfic know that, this fanfic will be continued in Louis' Point Of View and in his Flashbacks. So the entire story takes place in the past, before Harry began to hate Louis. For what he hates him for, you'll find out later in all the flashbacks! I hope you like it! Oh and I usually update on my instagram account: @ braverybirds17 and follow me on twitter which is the same username as my instagram. Thankyou! :)

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